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The Biography of Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke 

God is raising an end time army. A Prophet has arisen amidst us. You must have heard of this young prophet whom God has raised in our generation. Prophet Emmanuel Okeke has answered the call of God and equip to prosecute God’s counsel for our generation. In an interview with him, here are the few words gathered about his biography and ministry. 


Prophet Emmanuel Okeke Early Life and Education 

Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke is a native of NIBO, a town in Anambra State, Nigeria. He is from a family of six with parents inclusive (four sons and parents). Prophet Emmanuel Okeke’s father’s name is Chief Raphael N. Okeke. The bible admonishes parents to train their children in the ways of the Lord, from an early age, he has a hunger for God. He was passionate about watching men of God prophesied. 

Prophet  Emmanuel Okeke attended Madonna University where he studied Microbiology, also, computer science in Afri-hub in Nnamdi Azikiwe University but due to some issues could not finish his university education. 

He could not finish his studies at Madonna University because of hepatitis B disease. This made him drop out in year two. Thanks to God divine healing came at the appropriate time. Also, enrolled on computer science, which he could not finish because he learnt most things about technology and started his own company which paved way for him. 

Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke biography

Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke Marriage 

Prophet Emmanuel Okeke is happily married to Evangelist Benita Emmanuel Okeke in the year 2019. The family has been a source of encouragement to other families. 


Prophet Emmanuel Okeke ministry and Spiritual Father 

Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke

Prophet Emmanuel Okeke became aware of his calling to ministry at the age of 18. This conviction came after reading a book by Pastor Benny Hinn titled: welcome Holy Spirit and Good morning Holy Spirit. Due to a lack of spiritual guidance, he ventured into the entertainment industry. 

In this career path, he opened a social dating network called FRIENDITE GLOBAL LIMITED. The firm grew wide in the audience and was crowned the Nigerian largest dating site with over 60,000 subscribers. When he accepted God’s call, he rededicated his life in 2017. 

In response to God’s call upon his life, he has served in different ministries in his state: HEAR THE WORD OF GOD BY FIRE INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY Awka and GODSPOWER WORLD OUTREACH MINISTRY in Awka. 

Prophet Emmanuel Okeke started ministry in 2019 after a season of prayers to God. A vision was opened to him about his current ministry which was named ‘Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke Ministry”. The Ministry name was changed to WatchTower Prayer Ministry, this took place in 2021 after some hours of prayer. Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke’s ministry name is Watchtower Prayer Network (WPN).  During one of the RCN conferences, by divine arrangements, he got to  APOSTLE AROME OSAYI. He maintained a close relationship with him and this afforded him the favor to be amongst those ordained in 2022 IEC. Although, it came by divine instruction to Apostle Arome Osayi after a season of close watch on Prophet Emmanuel Okeke.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Okeke and apostle arome osayi

He was ordained a Pastor by Apostle Arome Osayi during the INTERNATIONAL EAGLE’S CONFERENCE 2022. This was in consultation with his Spiritual father by  him. Prophet Emmanuel Okeke’s spiritual father is Reverend God’spower Anaso who is a spiritual son to Reverend Dr. Uma Ukpai. The testimony from Prophet Emmanuel Okeke stated that Apostle Arome Osayi agreed to be amongst his spiritual instructors in ministry being his trainer. 

He has also received an impartation from the ministry of Apostle Arome Osayi, Reverend Uma Ukpai, Apostle Tochukwu Okonkwo, Evangelist Ikechukwu Peter Nnajiofor, and Apostle Joshua Selman. Also, the following authors have blessed his life: Brother Kenneth E. Hagins, Derick Prince, and others. 

He is passionate about prayer and God’s word. He is graced with the gift of healing, the gift of prophecy, the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom and the teaching grace. One of his core mission and vision is that the life of CHRIST finds expression in men.

Watchtower Prayer Network is located in No. 4 Ossy Gambia Street, Opp. RCCG, old INEC road Okpuno, Akwa Anambra state. You can call these numbers for enquiry- +2348093223113. Send mail to: You can visit its Facebook page at:


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