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Free Mp3: Download Provoking The Supernatural By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Download First Sunday message of Apostle Johnson Suleman in 2022 -Provoking The Supernatural


Provoking the supernatural by Apostle Johnson Suleman was the first sermon of the in 2022. It was also an anointing service. Generally, OFM International is running on a yearly theme: the supernatural and mighty turnaround. In this year, people are going to do supernatural things naturally.  This yearly theme was biblically captioned from Roman 8:11 and psalm 126:1.

The supernatural is living celestially terrestrial. Living the life of God on earth. The supernatural is immortal endorsement, the seal of God’s approval. The supernatural life of a believer was designed by God to a natural life. Believers are meant to live life supernaturally as the sojourn on earth. There are certain things to do if you want to live life supernaturally.

Apostle Johnson Suleman listed some things that believers must do if they want to live the supernatural life naturally. Some the things are: you must have an intimacy with God, you must be addicted to prayer and the study of the word of God and others things he listed.


Audio message: Provoking The Supernatural By Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3 Download


Do you want to provoke or see the supernatural? There are certain things you need to do. Take responsibility. Responsibility is the price for greatness, God amplifies your steps and does not initiate it and God blesses the works of our hand and not the wishes of our head.

Secondly, you must understand the place of your prophet. Do not follow men of their stories but because of the revelation you have about them. If you must see the supernatural, you must be dissatisfy with satisfaction.

You can now click below to download the audio message for first Sunday service titled: provoking the supernatural by Apostle Johnson Suleman

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