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Read Full Details Of Prophet Isah El Buba Biography


Prophet Isah El Buba

Prophet ISAH EL-BUBA is one of the voices advocating Christ in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. There are men whom God has strategically placed in different locations to be pillars and gatekeepers. He is a pragmatic preacher, philanthropist, leader, prophet and bold prophet who declares the counsel of God’s will. Prophet Isah El-Buba is the pioneer of Outreach Ministries International (EBOMI) in Jos NIG.

The labours of people in this kingdom must be recognized and accorded due respect. Seeing the impact Prophet Isah El-Buba has made in the kingdom, it is worthy of note to write about him so that others can learn. And they will be useful for ministry.  

The article you are about to read contains a few facts about Prophet Isah El-Buba and they are not to be taken for information purposes only. This shows that the article is not an authority to know him fully but through the testimony of two, a matter is established. The biography of Prophet Isah El-Buba is a challenging one and should be taken seriously in regards to your faith lifting. 



According to the testimony of one named Roseline, Prophet Isah El-Buba was born in the early 1960s with birth month and day as 01/01. His birth was an effortless less type. Prophet Isah El-Buba was born in Benue-Plateau General Hospital, Jos (presently referred to as the Jos University Teaching Hospital, (JUTH). 


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Prophet Isah El-Buba was born into a muslin home and the name of Prophet Isah El-Buba’s biological father is Baba Sadiq Buba. His father names him Isa which means Jesus Christ. His father was a former soldier who fought in World War II Veteran and therefore, a disciplinarian. 

While growing up, Isah El-Buba was involved in several massive spiritual Renaissance in Jos, Plateau. This was the same experience of Apostle Paul in the Bible. As a young man defending his faith until his encounter with the Lord was ripened. 

Prophet Isah El-Buba was numbered as one of the Islamic occultists continued up until 1982 when he collided with a bigger God. Prophet Isah El-Buba gave his life to Christ on the 23rd of March, 1982 after the revelation the Lord showed him about hell. 

The point through which the Holy Spirit convicted him was a movie titled “burning hell”. After his conversion, his life has not remained the same, he started walking in the initial design and blueprint of his life. 

This kind of decision most times, bring family and religious persecution into the life of individuals. This was the case of Prophet Isah El Buba, he was persecuted and his life was attempted by many assassinations. 

He was a strong member of his former faith and was passionate about justice but after the encounter with the Lord, his passion was converted into exact Christianity. He was trained by the Lord in the years his life was under trait and most times, he lived in the desert of Maiduguri NIG. In the days of persecution, he fasted and prayed, God supplied strength. For he also engaged in secret farming jobs to earn wages for survival until the full manifestation of his calling.  




During the days of persecution, he was opportune to disciple people. Amongst his disciples was Mwapu Simon Bami from Shaffa. She was committed to his teachings and God. He fell in love with her and on 24th May 1994 Prophet Isah El-Buba married called Mwapu Simon Bami from Shaffa. Later, he changed her name to Choice El-Buba. The family is blessed with four children. The name of Prophet Isah El-Buba are:

  1. Princess Nissi Lami Hyelni Isa El-buba. 
  2. Deborah Queen Hyelsinta Isa El-Buba. 
  3. Precious Uriel Kaltume Hyelapandua Isa El-Buba. 
  4. Jeremiah Mainasara Hyelakumi Isa El-buba.




Prophet Isah El Buba Messages

Mr Isah El-Buba was called into the prophetic ministry and the Lord has been confirming his word with signs and wonders. Today, Prophet Isah El-Buba is the pioneer of EL-Buba Outreach Ministries, International. with headquarters in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.  

His ministry is widely affecting lives positively worldwide. He is passionate to reach out to souls and is most concerned with the muslin community. He is also into deliverance ministry. Today, Prophet Isah El-Buba is a spiritual father to many calibres of people both in government and military. 

Prophet Isah El-Buba shared the same spiritual father with Apostle Johnson Suleman. Prophet Isah El-Buba’s spiritual father was revealed by Apostle Johnson Suleman. Both of them are good friends and Apostle Johnson Suleman also passed a similar experience as Prophet Isah El-Buba. Prophet Isah El-Buba’s spiritual father is Pastor Enoch A. Adeboye, the GO of RCCG. Prophet Isah El-Buba is one of the people that preaches for Pastor E.A Adeboye in crusades. Finally, Pastor. E. A Adeboye is the father in the Lord of Prophet Isah El-Buba.


Who is Prophet Isah El-Buba spiritual Father






Prophet Isah El-Buba picture


Click on the following links below to download Prophet ISAH EL-BUBA audio messages for free. 


Click here to download audio Sermons by Prophet Isah El-Buba for free

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