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Amazing Facts About Reverend Gideon Odoma Biography Check out Now

Reverend Gideon Odoma biography of Fortress ministry Jos NIG.

Reverend Gideon Odoma biography seems simple to narrate because no much people know much about him. Rev. Gideon Odoma is a seasoned minister of God and a full-time teacher of God’s word. Amongst the men that God has given grace to teach such as Apostle Arome Osayi and Bro Gbile Akanni, Rev. Gideon Odoma is a good. The grace of God differs there we are not to compare anyone.

This article on the biography of Reverend Gideon Odoma is quiet interesting and full of lesson. Please seat tight and learn facts about the ministry, family, career and biography of Reverend Gideon Odoma here on this page.


Reverend Gideon Odoma ministry: Fortress ministry – Jos Plateau State

It seems that you have pondered about fortress ministry, the pioneer of fortress ministry and the location of fortress ministry. Cheer up, in less than few seconds, you will grasp full details you need to know about fortress ministry here in this article.

Fortress ministry was pioneered by Reverend Gideon Odoma. Rev. Gideon Odoma ministry (fortress) is located in Jos Plateau State Nigeria. Everyone has an appointed place of the Lord to do ministry, Reverend Gideon Odoma is one of the spiritual gate and authorities handling the affairs of Jos in the place of prayer and the word.

Apostle Arome usually refer him as Apostle Gideon Odoma. His is into campus ministry. In bid to raise a generation of God fearing youths, he moves from one campus to another in Nigeria and other international campuses to preach the gospel on invitations.  Reverend Gideon Odoma also preaches in churches as he is invited.  He hold a monthly program called “word count” and weekly bible study called “Tuesday Ignite”.


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Reverend Gideon Odoma career

Reverend Gideon Odoma is an educated man of God. If you are familiar with him through his sermons, you will notice that his educational background is strong. A friend of mine once told me that he studied his post graduate in one of the leading international Universities.

Reverend Gideon Odoma is a seasoned Bible Teacher  and a Christian Apologetic teacher, globally. His is lecturer at Adullam Bible School pioneered by Apostle Arome Osayi.  Reverend Gideon Odoma is well established and grounded in Christian Apologetic teachings. Reverend Gideon Odoma Director of Christian Apologetics Training Institute (CATI), Nigeria.

He is also has a bible training institute where people are trained and equipped for ministry. Reverend Gideon Odoma is also the Director of Mamre Christian Institute (MCI). MCI is an initiative of Fortress ministry for training and certifying students on an intensive 2-weeks bible study. MCI focuses on courses such as apologetics, doctrine, missions, spiritual disciplines and theology. For enquiries and registration into CATI AND MCI, check the images below.

Reverend Gideon Odoma CATI


Reverend Gideon Odoma MCI


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Rev. Gideon Odoma Spiritual father, wife and family

No man rises in ministry without being mentored by another. The Church is a living organism that has many parts. Though it has been difficult to identify the actual spiritual father of Reverend Gideon Odoma. Looking into RCN family, he has a good brotherhood with Apostle Osayi.  They attended the same secondary School back in days. He has also received mentorship from Rev. Segun Adeyinmi Olugbemi,  Apostle Ele Adejoh, Late Rev. Ravis Zacharias and host of others. Reverend Gideon Odoma’s spiritual father is Pastor Ameh Amana, the led Pastor of Gospel International ministry ugwolawo, Kogi state.

Rev. Gideon was born in Ugwolawo of Ofu Local Government Area in Kogi State, Nigeria. Rev. Gideon Odoma is married to Mrs Hassanah Odoma and the family is blessed with children.


Rev. Gideon Odoma messages audio downloads

Rev. Gideon Odoma audio messages download are free. You cannot afford to miss his teaching. Some of Rev. Gideon Odoma sermons are in conference and his ministry teaching. A page on our website has the compiled audio messages of Rev. Gideon Odoma. Click the link below to visit the page and download your choice message.


Click here to download Rev. Gideon Odoma audio messages.


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  1. avoid unnecessary assumptions, get all your facts right rev’d Gideon odoma’s spiritual father is not papa Tor Uja with all due respect.

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