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Download Audio Mp3 messages of Reverend John Akpami

Reverend John Akpami messages are free and available in audio form. Rev. John Akpami is a pastor in charge of the fast growing in Kaduna. The name of his ministry is Global Revival Gospel Ministries International.  He is a man of great word and has fathered many great ministers in ministry. One of his sons in the Lord is Apostle Arome Osayi.

Reverend John Akpami sermons are bible based and people are getting blessed through his audio messages. He holds conferences and also preaches in different conferences around Nigeria. He is a leader and a builder, through the audio messages of Rev. John Akpami, several destinies have been restored.

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Download Audio Mp3 of Reverend John Akpami Messages

To download the audio messages of Dr John Akpami messages, click on an of the links below and the sermon will start downloading automatically.



The person of the Holy Spirit  by Reverend Dr John Akpami

Profitable Kingdom Assets by Reverend Dr John Akpami

The Spirit Of Revelation by Dr John Akpam

How to become a Minister that commands honour – Day 2

How to change the spiritual atmosphere of our Cities – Day 1

Servant leadership -Day 3

Commitment by Dr John Akpami

Kingdom Power by Dr. John Akpami

DAY 5 morning by DR. JOHN AKPAMI (unknown title)

Let the Kings go and let the servants Stay

The Battle of Identity by Dr. JOHN AKPAMI

The Mystery of Realising the Full Potential Of Our Churches

The Parable of the Far Country by Rev. John Akpami

Dr John Akpami message: MATTERS OF THE HEART


Knowing God by Rev. John Akpami

Five changing lessons

Manifestation of the Sons of God by Dr. John Akpami

RAPTURE 1 When, Where and How by Dr. John Akpami

Resetting your time from the court of heaven

Dr. John Akpami: Ministry and the gift of men

How to Break the Spirit of Poverty by Dr. John Akpami

Stand Up and Stand Out By Dr John Akpami

The Most Important Lesson- Dr John Akpami

The Mystery of Possessing Your Possessing By Dr John Akpami

The Making of True Disciples by Dr John Akpami

The Mystery of Dealing with Shame and Rejection by Dr John Akpami

Walking in Your Authority as a Believer


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