Free Mp3: Download Secrets Of An Expected End By Apostle Johnson Suleman (1 & 2)

Audio Message: Secrets Of An Expected End part one and two By Apostle Johnson Suleman Mp3 Download


Secrets of an expected end by Apostle Johnson Suleman was the sermon for Sunday 13, 2022. The topic was taken from Jeremiah 29:11. The Lord says that He knows the thought He has for you, the thoughts of good and bring you to an expected end.

One thing you will consider here is that the Lord has you at heart. Even your welfare, is also His heartbeat. This is why He inscribed you on the palms of His hand for easy remembrance. Although, His intensions are hidden and should be searched out.

It is glory of God to conceal matters and the glory of men to search it out. Man has been given the responsibility to search it out. Also, you need to God does nothing on earth, except He reveals it to His servant.


Secrets Of An Expected End part one and part two By Apostle Johnson Suleman


All the thoughts of God is to give us an expected end in all aspect our life and endeavor. You need to depend on Him. According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, an expected end is bringing into manifestation God’s original intensions. It is discovery, and exploring divine program God’s blueprint for your life.

One of the Secrets of an expected end according to Apostle Johnson Suleman is known as mystery of doors. To know the full details, click download link to download audio message on Secrets of an expected end by Apostle Johnson Suleman.







You can also click on the link of Apostle Johnson Suleman to download the mystery of expected end by Apostle Johnson Suleman too.


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