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Apostle Johnson Suleman audio message: Silencing Evil Voices (super Sunday)

Silencing evil voices by Apostle Johnson Suleman is a 2021 message; it was rendered on super Sunday service on the occasion of his birthday ceremony. There are voices that speak against every one. There are two voices: the Lord’s voice and devil voices. The bible says that every language is without a meaning. Blood speaks either for good or evil, many barriers has been created because of sacrifices made to the spirit through blood.

There are evil voices, these voices rise against the children of God.  Sometimes when God wants to do something for a man; evils voices which come from the devil stands against him.  The devil can raise his evil voice after travelling in your past to know what he could use as an argument before God in order to hinder your blessings.

evil voices

You might be wondering where these evil voices comes from, they come from your family foundations and altars. They also come from your wrongly lived life, so the enemy capitalizes on it to render cases against you.  Apostle Johnson Suleman began explaining many things as relates evil voices in his sermon. So, evil voices need to be stopped because they cannot stop until you stop them.

How to stop or silence evil voices by Apostle Johnson Suleman sermon

There are two most basic and crucial ways of silencing evil voices by Apostle Johnson Suleman, they include the following:

Your voice: to silence evil voices, God needs your voice. The bible says that every tongue that will rise against you, you shall condemn. So, for you to receive deliverance from evil voices, God wants you to exercise your authority over such voices so that they can cut off from you.  To have and exercise spiritual authority against such voices, you need to have a good relationship with God.

God’s voice: God’s voice is expressed in many ways; such as the blood of Jesus Christ. The book of Hebrew speaking that the blood of Jesus speaks of better covenant for us than the blood of Abel. The voice of God is thunderous, it breaks the cedars of Lebanon, His voice silences evil voices and break them beyond recognition and functionality.

In the super Sunday service, Apostle Johnson Suleman spoke many things. There were healings and prophecies. You can be part of the blessing too, you can now click the bottom below to download silencing evil voices by Apostle Johnson Suleman below.

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