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Tuesday Bible study by Apostle Johnson Suleman teaching on spirit of Luke warmness

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The spirit of Luke warmness makes one feel comfortable not belong to or participate in any active group or dull group. The indecision of man not belong to any party is already a decision to another life event. In the circumstances of life, there is no middle man or neutral man. That means, everyone must fall for something and if you are against something, it means that you are with something.

Why am I saying all these, the spirit of Luke warmness brings laziness and sometimes, leads to depression? It is bad spirit that should not be condone in the body of Christ. Do you remember God telling the Angel to a certain church in the Book of Revelations about the spirit of Luke warmness?


God made an emphasis, that they are neither cold nor hot, therefore, He will spit them out. Is that possible to stay neutral in life? The spirit of Luke warmness brings satisfaction in ignorance. This issue of the spirit of Luke warmness is a serious case to combat with in the body of Christ.


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Apostle Johnson Suleman teaching on this subject matter is very necessary at this time. There are many people are in church, they neither belong to one group or the other. They cause issues for those are passionate for God. If you are in Church, be an active member so that God will not throw you out.

There are also, some who are in Church work but a stumbling block to other who has clear vision to do the work of God. This Tuesday teaching with Apostle Johnson Suleman on the subject of spirit of Luke warmness was mind blowing. Do you wish to get this audio? Click on the download bottom below.

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