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Spiritual maturity by Apostle Joshua Selman is one of the ministrations of Apostle Selman at Annual kingdom life submit by New Estate Baptist Church, Lagos state, Nigeria. Maturity in faith is an adventure that every Christians should embark on.

Spiritual maturity is a continuous growth into the likeness of Christ in both character and actions. It is continuous because, at no point in time can one be fully mature in God because God is inexhaustible. Spiritual maturity is in levels and stages.

The bible makes us to know that, as long as the son is a child even though he is the heir to the estate, he is subjected to tutors until the age of maturity. Spiritual maturity can be achieved through the studying of the bible, yielding to Holy Spirit, in prayer and application of the doctrine of Christ.


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Apostle Joshua Selman taught a lot of things on this subject. There are certain kingdom responsibilities until you come to the level of maturity He desires. There is no need to be in the retrogressive part, make an advancement to be mature in your faith in Christ.

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