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Download Spiritual Pathway to greatness by Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman Message on Spiritual Pathway to greatness mp3 download


Greatness is not when you are at the climax of your life journey. There is always a spiritual side to every journey on the surface of the Earth. Apostle Joshua Selman at Sunday Koinonia service at Abuja treated this subject to equip believers about certain truth of spiritual journey in Christ.

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spiritual pathway to greatness

To achieve greatness in life, you must work and apply certain principles that gives you success. Greatness speaks of impact and responsibility. Check the men who were great in life, they were people of discipline and passion to make a mark for their generation.


Mp3 message on Spiritual pathway to greatness by Apostle Joshua Selman


There are pathways or process to greatness in life says Apostle Joshua Selman. There are excerpt from the audio preaching that I would like to share. In the sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman stated the following:

Greatness is simply feedback from the world acknowledging you for serving effectively with your gifts. In Christ, greatness is the heritage of the saints. Your sense of self-worth is tied to the perception of the value you attached to yourself.  Nobody exhausts seasons; when you get to the end of one cycle, a new one begins. You must always be prepared for the training for the next season.

No one is purposeless; everyone upon the Earth has a great destiny in Christ. Evolving is greater than doing. The most important component for your growing into greatness us who you have to become to obtain it.

Finally, in the school of greatness, three things to look out for in the scriptures to command results are promises, principles and prophecies says Apostle Joshua Selman. To download this audio click the link below>>>>>>


Download here



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