Strength to Deliver by Apostle Johnson Suleman Mp3 Audio download

Aba Generational Impact 2021: download Strength to Deliver by Apostle Johnson Suleman mp3


Strength to deliver is by Apostle Johnson Suleman is an audio sermon of him at Aba generational impact crusade held at Umuahia, Abia state. The records that as soon as Zion travail than it gave forth sons. Everyone in life has a potential or destiny but you need strength to deliver that which God has given you.

This audio mp3 sermon of Apostle Johnson Suleman of Omega fire ministries address the various things that Christian needs strength to deliver. One them is righteousness, secondly is wealth, power and impact. When you are full of vision and purpose but lack direction, you need strength to deliver. You can travail in the place of prayer and bring forth wind as record in Isaiah 66 but you need the strength of the Lord to deliver that pregnancy of vision and purpose.


There are many who have struggled and still nothing is working in life, you need strength of the Holy Spirit to deliver rightly. Apostle Johnson Suleman came with an apostolic mandate to Aba so as to user men into their God given ordination.


Strength to Deliver by Apostle Johnson Suleman Audio mp3 sermons at Aba Abia State


Aba generational impact by Apostle Johnson Suleman in 2021, was a great move of God, signs and wonders occurred. There are many that received healing from God, some received financial help while others received prophecy from God through the man of God.

You need strength to deliver things as ordinated by God in your life. You carry something and must not depart this world until you have delivered rightly. Your world is waiting for you. Click the download bottom to download audio sermon on strength to deliver by Apostle Johnson Suleman at Aba generational impact 2021.


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