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Abuja Koinonia sermon: Stronghold And Mindsets By Apostle Joshua Selman

Stronghold And Mindsets is Apostle Joshua Selman ministration at Koinonia Abuja. Mind controlling systems are powerful tools for influence. The mind controlling systems are systems of the world.  Mindset is the state of the mind or ideology which people have built over time. Mindset forms a basis of conviction.

Mindset create stronghold which are weapons of war of destruction to the person or another. Mindsets and strongholds are built up in the mind. God can be limited by your mind or the influence of the Holy Spirit can be limited because of your mindset.

The bible says that the weapon of our warfare is not canal but they are mighty in pulling down of strongholds. These strongholds are platforms that demons use to limit your possibility or manifestation of God’s glory. The spiritual warfare is carried out in the mind first, if you can conquer the stronghold of the mind, then you can be usable by God.

What are the causes of stronghold and mindsets by Apostle Joshua Selman?

There are many ways to build up mindset. Apostle Joshua Selman sermon on stronghold and mindsets is an exposure. Apostle Joshua Selman began listing the ways or causes of strongholds and mindset, they include:

Culture: culture is the ways or behavior of life of people. The culture of nation can influence the way you perceive life. There are some cultures that inculcate morality while others do not.

Level of Exposure:  The level of exposure of a person can influence the way or the ideology of a man. When you are exposed to poverty, it takes the transformation and the renewal of the mind to change your mindset; this is because, from your background, life is the way you brought up.

Family Background: family background causes stronghold and mindsets. Your family foundation has a long way to go in influencing your perspective of life.

Past Experience: The past experience of person can built up the kind of mindset. When you have been in the environment of failure or success, it has a way of changing your life perception. Past experiences are dangerous if they are negative, God’s grace is need together with the help of the Holy Spirit. Stronghold and mindset caused by past experience

Other causes of stronghold and mindsets are association and Peers or friends. Stronghold and Mindset By Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia Abuja is a great sermon. Click to download this sermon of Apostle Joshua Selman below.

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