Download Supernatural Wealth Transfer And Wealth Control By Pastor Paul Enenche

Supernatural wealth transfer and wealth control by Pastor Paul Enenche mp3 download

Wealth control

Wealth control is the ability to handle wealth. Wealth is not all about money or abundance of riches rather it is inclusive of impact. Pastor (Dr.) Paul Enenche speaking at Kingdom Power and Glory World Conference (KPGWC 2021) explained how God has blessed the church with abundance in grace and wealth.

There are several principles of wealth transfer and wealth creation. Wealth transfer is the influx of wealth into the systems of economy. In this sense, the wealth transfer is spiritual in nature. Pastor Paul Enenche explained the spiritual principles behind this wealth transfer.


Supernatural wealth transfer and wealth control by Pastor Paul Enenche


On the second hand, when wealth is amass, handling becomes the challenge. God is will be raising Christians who can handle and control the resources in different sectors of economy without losing their faith to mammon.

How does this wealth transfer and wealth control come? It comes by supernaturally as we serve God and seek for His righteousness. Seek first the kingdom of God and every other things shall be added to you. There are many things Pastor Paul Enenche said in this sermon.

You can be amongst those that God is enlisting in this wealth transfer and wealth control today. Click the link right below to start download the audio message here.


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