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Download Taking Personal Responsibility To Fill The Earth By Gbile Akanni

[Free Audio] Download Taking Personal Responsibility To Fill The Earth  By Gbile Akanni

Taking personal responsibility to fill the Earth is a decision to embark on the mandate of the Father and Lord Jesus Christ. In Genesis, the mandate was given that will should fill the earth and subdue it. many fills or thinks that filling the World is a matter of given birth. Ideology is wrong.  what does Fill the Earth and subdue it mean?

Taking Personal Responsibility To Fill The Earth By Gbile Akanni mp3 

To answer this question is simple. To fill the Earth was the primary command of the Our Lord to our first father Adam. Though as at the time it was given, it was not for the purpose of procreation only. Rather to influence all creation with the like mind nature of the Lord God. Download this audio teaching of Bro Gbile Akanni on The Term Of Discipleship

This command now made more sense when Jesus gave the command in Matthew 28. So fill the world is actually that we should go to the world systems and affect life, showing them the way to live which is Christ; thereby influencing  them for GOD.

So to embark on this Journey you must make your mind and make it a responsibility. So taking responsibility to fill the Earth by Bro Gbile Akanni is an alarm to wake up as duty call. There are  many things to learn. This is a conference message retreat. click to download.

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