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Download The Believers Staying Power By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Bible study: Download The Believers Staying Power By Apostle Johnson Suleman


The Believers staying power is all about the elements faith that makes a believer to remain the faith despite the turbulence of life. There are many Christians or believers that do not last the test of time, when they experience little shakings in life they give up. They are not patient and persevering in persecutions.

Apostle Johnson Suleman brought this topic as the first bible study topic for the year in 2022, so that Christians can know how to stay in God even when things are not working rightly. In Christianity, we must take responsibility to remain in God. The grace of God is always there, and God upholds al things by the word of His power, it is now our responsibility to take hold of His word.


Audio Sermon: The Believers Staying Power By Apostle Johnson Suleman Mp3 Download


Apostle Peter speaking in 1 Peter 3:15, advised Christians to sanctify God in their heart and always be ready to a defense to everyone who asks them for the reason for their faith in Christ Jesus. This suggest that beyond material wealth, miracles and all things, there are substances that should keep you in Christ.

The first Believers staying power as mentioned by Apostle Johnson Suleman was joy of salvation. Apostle Johnson Suleman. The joy that Christ has saved you from darkness and sin is a treasure that should not leave you. When you lose the joy of your salvation, something is wrong with your faith in Christ. Apostle Johnson Suleman explained this and gave others points on this topic.

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