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Interesting Facts: Read In Full Details On The Biography Of Apostle Michael Orokpo

The Biography Of Apostle Michael Orokpo


The biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo is one whom the grace of God located and placed where life never imagined. You hear of the mercy, favour and grace of God; these can be a story to you when you have not to experience much. The summary of the biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo. In life, you need the right company and the right coach. When you collide with a man who has grace, you honour such grace of God, your destiny changes for the better.
In this biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo, many things were highlighted; this is because the story of man can not be fully be captured in an article. It is not news that Apostle Michael Orokpo is popular; there is nothing much to write that you do not know about. There are a few things that you would love to hear, that was why we articulated a few things about Apostle Michael Orokpo.
Below is the summary of the biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo. We also employ you to read to the end and see some interesting facts you need to know about this kingdom-minded man. Keep reading the article to the end and be blessed.


Name Orokpo Michael
Title Apostle
Date of birth 1st March, 1981
Nationality Nigeria
State and tribe Benue State, Idoma
Marriage status Married
Wife’s name Osenage Umobuarie
Name of ministry Encounter Jesus Ministries International
Spiritual father Apostle Arome Osayi
Education Pure chemistry (umdergraduate), M.sc and currently on doctorate degree.


The Biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo: Early life, Education and Career

Apostle Michael Orokpo was born on the 1st of March 1981. He is from the tribe of Idoma in Benue State, Nigeria. His parents were Christians but they had little knowledge of God. He gave his life to Christ at a tender age, he also had encounters with God at the age of seven. I recount his saying about his mother, Apostle Michael Orokpo’s mother was an intercessor who has always been praying that Michael will be a Christian and a preacher of God’s word. It is not news today of what we see, because it was something that started in a secret place. 

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Women are designed for birth pangs while men are destiny deciders. When you see someone who becomes famous or a problem to the society today, firstly, trace the history to his parental upbringing. Afterwards, you can check the quality of his life decisions. This tells you that Apostle Michael Orokpo had a good upbringing at an early age in life. 

Apostle Michael Orokpo has elder sisters. Her sisters did not have the favour of marriage and that became a burden to him. According to him, when he understood his place in Christ, he stood as a priest for the house and declared their marriage in the spirit and it was so in the natural. After his intercession in the place of prayer, he charged them to marry and at once, the spell of marriage disfavour broke. Four of his sisters got wedded within an instant of time. 

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What school did Apostle Michael Orokpo go to? Many people ask this question and this article address the educational background of Apostle Michael Orokpo. Apostle Michael Orokpo applied for admission into the Nigerian Air Force and Nigerian Navy, but all was futile. He finally got admitted into one of the universities in Nigeria. Apostle Michael Orokpo attended the University of Agriculture Makurdi (UniAgric Markurdi), he studied pure chemistry and graduated in the year 2011. He also holds a master degree in Physical Chemistry and currently running for a doctorate in Molecular Chemistry at the same University. He also has a certificate in theology from Adullam Bible School and Christian apologetics from Ravis Zacharias International ministry. Despite his busy schedule in ministry, he still has time for education, this shows that he is avid for education. 

There are many things that Apostle Michael Orokpo as pertains to career but primarily is the work of the kingdom. He is a seasoned preacher of God’s word in and out of the country. He is universally known and called for preaching in conferences, churches and crusades. He is also a lecturer in Adullam Bible College owned by Remnant Christian Network (RCN). 


Apostle Michael Orokpo Biography: Marriage and Family 

Apostle Michael Orokpo wife

Apostle Orokpo Michael made a statement on marriage that men marry for the kingdom and not for pleasure. When you see a kingdom-minded person, his priority is how to fulfil the purposes of his master. Apostle Michael Orokpo got married in the year 2021. 

Apostle Michael Orokpo wedding pictures

The name of Apostle Michael Orokpo’s wife is Osenaga Umoburie. His wife is a song minister, with this grace, she is of great help in the ministry of his husband. Apostle Michael Orokpo’s wife preaches the word of God powerfully and she is also interested in young lady’s ministry. 

Apostle Michael Orokpo biography

Encounter Jesus Ministries International (what is Apostle Michael Orokpo Ministry)

The name of Apostle Michael Orokpo’s ministry is Encounter Jesus Ministries International. Initially, he did not have a ministry but in the year 2021, God permitted him to pioneer one. He has the youths at heart and is always passionate that youth gain transformation in Christ and work in their full ordination in Christ. Through his ministry, lives have been blessed. Apostle Michael Orokpo has an online mentorship program, this online class is for the youth, this was designed to achieve the purposes of God in the lives of the people; so that, they can walk in the fullness of God’s purpose. 

Encounter Jesus Ministries International has a mission statement to sustain an experiential knowledge of God and walk in the fullness of our eternal ordination. The vision statement of the ministry is stated as follows: “to raise a tribe of sons that will do the will of their heavenly Father, priests that bear burdens of the Lord and Kings that advance the kingdom of their God reign in life. The objectives of the ministry are stated in the image below. 

Encounter Jesus Ministries International

This biography of Apostle Michael Orokpo will not end if how he encountered his spiritual father is not spoken of. Firstly, the spiritual father of Apostle Michael Orokpo is Apostle Arome OsayiHe is the president and pioneer of Remnant Christian Network in Makurdi, Benue State. His journey with his spiritual father started in the year 2014. 

I have earlier stated that who you meet in life matters. Apostle Michael Orokpo today is successful in ministry was because of the level of impartation and discipleship he received from Apostle Arome Osayi. If you watch Apostle Michael Orokpo’s testimony on his encounter with Apostle Osayi in the video, you will know how indebted, he is to him. Apostle Arome Osayi picked him up, raised him in ministry and shot him to the world. 

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When Apostle Michael Orokpo started his ministry, people could not differentiate his voice from that of Apostle Arome Osayi. The reason was that he carried the spirit of his master. He also said, early in ministry, when he receives invitations to preach, he will study the bible, listen to the messages of Apostle Arome Osayi for hours and pray over them. This repeatedly many times, until God told him to discover himself, still yet, the trace of his father in the Lord is still in him. Glad to let you know that Apostle Michael Orokpo was the first Apostle that Apostle Arome Osayi in ministry.  

Apostle Michael Orokpo and Apostle Arome Osayi

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Before he started his ministry, he has also received an impartation from a few men of God. The following men have been a blessing to him: Pastor Chris OyakhilomePastor Benny Hinn, Evangelist Reinhard Bonki, Bishop David Oyedepo and Reverend Gideon Odoma. The impartation he received fueled his passion for ministry, adding to several encounters he had with God. 

Currently, his relationship with God has increased. He loves prayer and the word of God. God has graced him with the gift of prophecy, word of knowledgegift of healing and other apostolic graces. His ministry is fast growing as God is with him.  He has also visited Apostle Johnson Suleman and received blessings too. 

Apostle Michael Orokpo


Apostle Michael Orokpo audio messages  

Apostle Michael Orokpo messages are filled with power. Many people have download and listened to the messages of Apostle Orokpo Michael  and got healed. The messages of Apostle Michael Orokpo are full of revivals, healing and impartation with graces. Audio messages of Apostle Michael Orokpo are available at no cost, some of the messages are found below. 

  1. The anointing of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Purpose of Marriage
  3. Transfiguration
  4. Spirit of Revival
  5. Great Awakening
  6. Download more current audio messages of Apostle Michael Orokpo here. 


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