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Facts To Know: The Biography Of Dr Becky Enenche And Children Age

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche Biography, Marriage and Family pictures 

Dr Becky Enenche

Dr Becky Enenche is one of the General Overseer’s wives that have become a role model to several people in marriage, lifestyle and ministry. Attaining this level of position is not by choice or wishful thinking rather by the election of God’s grace. There are always unseen benefits that God hides in for every good and right decision of life. If you are close to Dr Mrs Becky Paul Enenche, you will observe that these qualities that she exhibits today have been nurtured over the years. 

This honor of virtue comes through discipline and the fear of God. Mrs Becky Enenche is an example of a woman in ministry. This page is all about the interesting facts about the biography of Dr Becky Enenche, her career, ministry, family background, marriage and children. 



The Biography Of Mrs Becky Enenche And Family Background 

Who is Dr Becky Enenche? Dr Mrs Becky Paul Enenche is the wife of the Senior Pastor of Dunamics International Gospel Church or centre whose name is Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche. Pastor (Dr) Becky Enenche was born on the 23rd of October, 1970. What tribe is Mrs Becky Enenche? She is of the tribe and native of Ikachi in Oju LGA, Benue state. 

Dr Becky Enenche family pet name or native name before marriage was Rebecca inyangbe Ibu. She grew in the knowledge of God and it became serious during her university days. She was under the discipleship or mentorship of Bro Paul Enenche, who happened to be her husband now. 


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Dr (Mrs) Becky Enenche and Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche marriage 

Dr Becky Enenche and pastor Paul Enenche

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord. There is no need for a telescope or microscope to say that Becky Enenche is having a good marriage with Pastor Paul Enenche. How did Pastor Paul Enenche his wife? It all started in their university days, Pastor Paul Enenche met Dr Mrs Becky Enenche in the same school where he studied. Also, they belong to the same campus fellowship. 

According to Pastor Paul Enenche, the reason why he choose his wife was because of the revelation God revealed to him on the qualities of wife he wanted. After prayers, he realized that the qualities that he wanted was on his disciple (Mrs Becky) and he approached and propose to her. So their marriage courtship started in school and they got married upon graduation. 

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Their marriage is blessed with four children: three females and one male. The names of Mrs Becky Enenche children are Deborah Enenche, Daniella Enenche, Destiny Enenche and Daniel Enenche. They are being trained in the ways of the Lord. 

Pastor Paul Enenche family picture

There are many lessons to learn from the marriage of Mrs Becky Enenche. She is modest, passionate for God’s work, humble, lover of God and many others. According to her husband’s statement, Mrs Becky Enenche is the one in charge of the family finance. This is to let you know the level of trust and commitment in their marriage. 

Many people like her for her character, dressing attire and her loving smiles. She has a listening ear and is compassionate. 

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Mrs Becky Enenche Education, Career And Ministry 

Dr Mrs Becky Paul Enenche

Mrs Becky Enenche studied medicine and surgery at the University of Jos, Nigeria. She is passionate about education and will always encourage people to be educated. Although she could not practice her profession due to the call of God upon her husband, she submitted to the ministry of her husband. This is true submission in marriage indeed.  

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche has a better career in ministry. The couple is exploring much ground in the area of discipline through their ministry. Recently, Dunamics Church opened a mini-hospital and they both are the major consultant, this is still in line with their ministry and profession. 

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She is also a teacher and director of DUNAMICS ACADEMY AND DESTINY COLLEGE and DUNAMICS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, which is under the ownership of the church. Mrs Becky Enenche is the author of the seed of destiny with her husband as the chief and supervisor. Seed of destiny is a daily devotional in Dunamics church and it is used worldwide. 

Mrs Becky Enenche is a Christian author, preacher, and co-pastor with her husband, teacher and marriage counsellor. Dr Becky Enenche is into full-time ministry with her husband and they are making a massive impact in lives. She holds a regular monthly meeting on marriage and relationships. The gathering is termed Marital Success strategies for Enriching Sisters. His meeting is for women. She is based in Abuja Nigeria with her husband. 

Nothing gives a man, a heart of rest than a woman who helps him fulfil purpose in life. This is a worthy saying from Pastor Enenche “I have been a good husband to her” and of truth, Mrs Becky Enenche has been a good helpmate to him in life and ministry. 

Dr Mrs Becky Enenche has authored many books on marriage and other areas, some of her books are 14 Secrets plus One to a Beautiful Marriage, the Alabaster box and In-laws, In-loves and Outlaws. I hope you have learned a lot of things. The Lord bless you for reading. 


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