Amazing Facts: Read The Biography of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku In Full Details Here

Biography of pastor Chingtok Ishaku

Biography of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku (Early life, Marriage and Education)

Biography of pastor Chingtok Ishaku

The biography of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku has been of great encouragement to people. His passion for intimacy with God has always remained an unspeakable story of the century. Many people seek to be popular in ministry and with time, they missed the plan and purpose of God for their lives. 

When the stories of great men are told, there is always starting point and great lessons to be learnt. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku has a burning desire for God, you would not need a telescope to view it. Seeing such cloud of witnesses he bears, you will realize that he is destined for greatness. When you perceive where God is taking him in destiny, you will agree with me that there is a need to write about this great man and his impact on people’s lives. This article on the biography of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku captured some facts you need to know and be encouraged. 

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku was on the 14th of April and he is from Kano state in Nigeria. The name of his parents is Mr Ishaku and Mrs Ishaku Keziah. He has other siblings too. Pastor Chingtok, had a good upbringing in Christ and he was well cared for in his childhood. 

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Education has never been a disadvantage to anyone on Earth. He had a good educational background and was well to do in his choice of course. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku attended Police Children’s primary school in Kano state, he attended Federal Government College Jos and had his undergraduate studies at Ahmadu Bello University. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku studied political science and also graduated on top of his class. 

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtain favour from the Lord. This great man has found his life partner in life and ministry. This meeting took place while still in the university. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is married to Mrs Serah Chingtok and they are blessed with three lovely children (two boys and a girl). Their marriage took place in 2007, and then through 2016, they had their children. The names of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku children are Zoe, Zion and Zipporah. 


The Biography of Pastor Chingtok Ishaku: Ministry and Spiritual Father 

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a teacher, worshipper and psalmist, he has sung many songs which lifts the spirit and foster intimacy with God. For instance, he has released five albums which are called expression series.  The following music title is found in the series: True of you (2011), the eternal God (2016), the living word (2018), our God reigns (2018), and zuciyata (2019). Pastor Chingtok Ishaku has embarked on projects such as project 7000. This is a project to where 7000 Nigerian are reached out to through online prayer calls. 

When it comes to the work of the ministry, Pastor Chingtok Ishaku has the experience and good church leadership qualificationsIn the year 2004, he was a member of Oasis of Love Church in Zaria. He served as an assistant pastor until his disengagement in 2009. So it can be said that he was an ordained pastor in this church. He disengaged to attain a call of purpose as God directed him. This call was to pioneer his present-day ministry. 

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is the senior pastor or president of Life Assembly international Church. His ministry is located in Zaria Kaduna, Nigeria. This ministry is also under a spiritual covering of a pastor whom he submitted as a spiritual father. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is Chris Delvan, the senior pastor and founder of The King of Kings Christian Assembly in Kaduna state. Life Assembly Chruch is growing fast across the nation of Nigeria. In 2015, his ministry had another branch in Plateau, Jos state. 

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Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is a passionate teacher of God’s word. He is also an itinerant preacher across the nation (campuses, churches and conferences). He believes so much in prayer, Bible study, fellowship with the Holy Spirit and intimacy with God. His ministry stands on the truth of God’s word. He is consistent in building his church following the pattern of the church in the book of Acts of the Apostle.  

Pastor Chingtok Ishaku has leadership qualitiesthis is seen as he served through many leadership platforms. For the majority of the revival during his campus days, he was also among the leading functionaries. Pastor Chingtok Ishaku is the founder of pathfinders’ school of ministry and pathfinders’ school of leadership. These training platforms are aimed at raising people who will leave their norm and discover God’s ordination and mode of ministry in all the endeavors of their lives. 

Life Assembly International church is mandated with the assignment of people with genuine intimacy or fellowship with God and be an accurate ambassador of Him through their obedience, in ministry, in career, in character, in response to the Holy Spirit and manifestation of His power. He also desires that the body of Christ will attain the fullness of the truth of the gospel and become accurate ambassadors of Christ in full stature. Also, taking the kingdoms of the world and submitting under the reign of Christ. 

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