Interesting Facts: The Biography Of Pastor Daniel Olawande

Biography of Pastor Daniel Olawande (Early life, and family)

Pastor Daniel Olawande and wife

Biography Of Pastor Daniel Olawande as captured in this article leaves you with nothing than taking responsibility for life.   Pastor Daniel Olawande is popularly known as P. Daniels. When I heard about this great kingdom functionary, I wondered who he was because of the abundant sound I heard about him. I realized that he is a man of God that stepped out of the usual boundaries and norms of ministry, turning the heart of men to God. He is to our generation as the voice of the John the Baptist in the wilderness. 

I am aware that you have heard such which gave you surprised you to seek to know him through the epistles of men. That is why I decided to capture this biography of Pastor Daniel Olawande (popularly known as P. Daniels). Those who are by this name are of great privileges and are strong ambassadors of the kingdom of God. I am speaking from the lens of the stories of men recorded in the bible during the old history of Babylon. In the coming paragraphs are the details captured about Pastor Daniel Olawande biography? 

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Pastor Daniel Olawande was born on August 8, 1991. He was born into a Christian family and his parents were pastors. This suggests to you that he received a good upbringing. Also, for him to become a pastor, thereby following the footsteps of his parents is a good way to tell you that he gave his life to Christ in the early stage of life. 

Pastor Daniel Olawande is married to Mrs Oluwanifemi Daniel-Olawande. She is addressed as Pastor because she is kingdom-minded. She is a graduate of biochemistry from the University of Babcock. They are currently living in Ibeju-lekki in Lagos state Nigeria. They are blessed with children namely: Flaming Zion and Dunamis Zeo 


Biography of Pastor Daniel Olawande (Education and leadership)

Biography Of Pastor Daniel Olawande

Pastor Daniel Olawande is an educated minister of God. He is passionate about education as he also wants to make an outstanding remark in ministry. As an undergraduate, Pastor Daniel Olawande studied Biology Education and Educational Psychology for Master’s degrees from the University of Lagos. He also holds a post-graduate Diploma in theology from the Redeem Christian Bible School and is a graduate of Texas BIBLE School, USA. 

Pastor Daniel Olawande is also a graduate of Daystar Leadership Academy Lagos where he took a basic and advanced course in leadership. IRGIB-Africa University conferred him a Doctorate Degree in Leadership and management. Pastor Daniel Olawande also has a certificate in creative intelligence from World Creativity and Intelligence Team Miami University Oxford, Ohia, USA, public speaking (master class), 

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There is a general and accepted view that leaders are born and made. You can make yourself what you want if you desire it passionately. In this light and from the point of responsibility discharged, it is affirmed that Pastor Daniel Olawande is a born leader and also had the interest in building his leadership skills and qualities. 

Pastor Daniel Olawande has attended leadership school and several leadership positions both in ministry and otherwise. His leadership journey started while as an undergraduate, for instance, he was the president of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship. Due to this burning desire to lead, during his youth service days, he became the president of Redeem Christian Coppers Fellowship in Lagos state. When it comes to ministry, he is/was the National Youth Vice President of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

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Biography of Pastor Daniel Olawande – Ministry 

 Pastor Daniel Olawande spiritual father

Pastor Daniel Olawande is an ordained pastor in RCCG. All RCCG has a unique name for identification, so Pastor Daniel Olawande is the pastor in charge of Living Seed Church which is located at Ikorodu, Lagos. He has a burning desire to raise a people for God in this end time.

He is an itinerant minister of God across the nation of Nigeria and other countries. According to him, God has mandated him through his ministry to raise a burning generation of people for Him, people who are burning in the place of prayer and the word of God. He is also a songwriter and has written many songs that lift the spirit of men. 

He is committed to fulfilling the vision of God through his ministry and other platforms that he has formed. For instance, he holds a monthly 12 hours prayer program. He also organized programs such as Soul winner’s conference, Gethsemane which is an online prayer program, revival programs across the Nigerian campuses, and a young minister’s retreat which comes annually. This young minister’s retreat is to raise a generation that will be ambassadors for Christ. Pastor Daniel Olawande is the pioneer of a mentorship program called Flaming College. This is where people are disciple in the way of Christ to take over the systems of the world. He is passionate about youth transformation. 


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