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Amazing Facts: Click To Read The Biography Of Pastor Femi Lazarus


Biography of pastor Femi Lazarus

In life, there are prescribed processes designed by God for everyone. There are days of hiding and seasons of appearing. Sometimes, it seems that a new season has dawned and after a while, new seasons become old while others emerge. According to the laws of seasonnew functionaries from God emerge and perform the counsels of God. These seasons of life define your stories of failures and greatness. Greatness is not achieved in a day, so also becoming a great man of God who has a functional relationship with God. 

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This is part of the reason God works with different categories of individuals in life and ministry. Many great men of God influences their generation and there are ones who are not but are doing theirs within the little sphere they have. But the fact there is that if you do not through the process prescribed by God, you are likely to lose in the current move of God. This article is all about Pastor Femi Lazarus and his ministry. It may not cover everything about him but a few things that will encourage your life and to believe the call of God upon his life. Therefore, keep reading to the end to see that which you want. 


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Pastor Femi Lazarus birthday is on the 15th of November. He is a Nigerian by citizenship and from Ogun state precisely. He was also raised in a Christian home. There is always a turning point in the life of everyone. About the salvation experience, Pastor Femi Lazarus gave his life to Christ during his youthful age. It is an advantage you have a father who is a Christian and whom you can learn, and emulate from his lifestyle. 

According to the story he shared, his salvation experience began from the night he returned from a nightclub. His father was displeased by that attitude and that night, his father had a little conversation with him, through the conversation, the Holy Spirit worked in those words and convicted him of sin. He gave his life to Christ. This sounds weird but with God, all things are possible. 

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Pastor Femi Lazarus academic qualification is quite interesting. Education is part of life and it happens daily. Pastor Femi Lazarus is professional public health personnel. He studied public health science and technology at the University of Obafemi Awolowo, Ile-Ife. Today the story has changed, he is now a minister of God, this did not still change his profession, this is because, and he uses it in ministry too to look after the flocks of God. 


Pastor Femi Lazarus Church (-The Sphere of Light Church)

Ministry formation is never an easy one, the ministry is service and in this case, the souls of men are involved. Pastor Femi Lazarus is one of the young ministers of God in this generation. It happens that, this is the season of his appearing after several years of Christ formed in the secret place. Pastor Femi Lazarus church is called ´the sphere of the light church´. God has blessed him and today, he has two branches in Ile-Ife and Ibadan Nigeria. According to the testimonies of blessed lives, he is becoming a General Overseer. His church growth in both spiritual and numerical is increasing. 

Pastor Femi Lazarus holds an annual conference around the campuses in Nigeria. The conference is called Fresh Fire Conference. Pastor Femi Lazarus has the youth at heart and he seeks youth transformation. He also runs a free mentorship program for youths called Femi Lazarus Mentorship School. He also holds weekly bible studies where he teaches people the true word of God. He is also interested in children ministry, through his ministry, he founded Slum Education for children training. 

Pastor Femi Lazarus biography giving you the encouragement you want? Quickly, I need to let you know that Sphere Of Light Church is a religious organization with the mandate to raise God’s end-time army. They have been committed to this vision since the inception of this church with Pastor Femi Lazarus in charge. Pastor Femi Lazarus is a teacher of God’s word. He is also an itinerant preacher in all campuses and conferences held in Nigeria. He believes in biblical accuracy, balanced doctrine and transformation by Christ.  

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Pastor Femi Lazarus is a friendly preacher, he is loved by people and he also does. He is friends with many men of God in Nigerian and outside the country too. Most of his famous friends are Pastor Daniel Olawande (P. Daniels), Evangelist Lawerance Oyor, Theophilus Sunday, Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Arome Osayi, and a host of others. 

Spiritual fatherhood is beneficial in ministry. In ministry, no one is an island and no one is raised by himself, God raises us through another person’s care, mentorship, and discipleship. Spiritual fatherhood is all about discipleship, accountability, counsel and coverage. It is not only God that we will give account to, spiritual fatherhood gives this platform too. Talking about Pastor Femi Lazarus spiritual father, it what most people do not know. Pastor Femi Lazarus spiritual father is Pastor Bimbo Animashaun, the lead pastor and founder of Feeding Center Bread of Life Outreach, Ile-Ife Osun State, Nigeria, and he has also been blessed by most anointed ministers of God in Nigeria through their audio sermons ,books and physical contacts with them. 


Pastor Femi Lazarus marriage and wedding pictures 

Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding pictures

There is one aspect of this biography that will not be completed if the Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding is not mentioned. His wedding was a talk of the town and many people do request Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding pictures. 

Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding

The married life of a minister is the most important aspect of ministry. Your family is your first responsibility in life and in this case, it pleases the Lord that this young pastor gets married. Blessed is he who finds a good wife and the favour of the Lord Follows suit. 

Biography of Pastor Femi Lazarus

Pastor Femi Lazarus is married to an adorable damsel who is also a Christian and God’s fearing. The name of Pastor Femi Lazarus’s wife is Pastor Miracle Ajala. They are blessed with the fruit of marriage. The Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding ceremony took place in December 2020. Pastor Femi Lazarus wedding pictures are shown below: 

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Pastor Femi Lazarus audio archive messages  

One of the things that characterize a transforming church of Christ is the ministry of the word and prayer. The texture of life transformation must be of biblical standards. Testimonies abounding from church has it that, Pastor Femi Lazarus mp3 messages are life-transforming and Christ is established in the life of the youth and aged. Pastor Femi Lazarus messages mp3 are free. His audio teaching can be downloaded using the link below. 

Download Pastor Femi Lazarus audio messages here

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