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Learn Facts: The Biography Of Pastor Paul Enenche, Marriage, And Family



Pastor Paul Enenche

The biography of Pastor Paul Enenche (Doctor) is one of the stories that people need to read and learn life lessons. Success is relative and has a lot to do with impact and influence on others. Amongst the top pastors in NigeriaPastor (Dr) Paul Enenche comes has been enlisted as the most influential in the world. 

Though your beginning is small, your latter end shall be great. This is a great promise that is rested on your anchor to the will of God and faithful in your doing. Initially, many who saw Pastor Paul Enenche 20 years ago will not believe that such a massive impact could come from him. 

Considering Pastor Paul Enenche love for God, impact in ministry, his exemplary life in marriage, boldness in speech and others, this article on the biography of Pastor Paul Enenche was founded. There is some unknown story about Pastor Paul Enenche, so you are employed to continue reading till the end. 




Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche 

When was Pastor Paul Enenche born? Pastor Paul Enenche was born on June 12, 1968. Pastor Paul Enenche is a native of Orokam, Ogbadibo LGA in Benue State, Nigeria. He was born into a Christian him, the name of his parents are Mr Enenche and Mrs Titi Enenwa Enenche. Pastor Paul Enenche is from an Idoma tribe. Pastor Paul Enenche house is currently in Abuja because of his church. 

Pastor Paul Enenche has a brother who is amongst the leading men in Nigerian Defense. The names of his brothers are Major General John Enenche and Evangelist Sammoses Enenche. At the early age of Pastor Paul Enenche, he knew the Lord and also was brought up in the fear of the Lord. He also attended Methodist Secondary school and he had a good Christian background. 



Pastor Paul Enenche qualified medical Doctor. He studied medicine and surgery at the University of Jos, Nigeria. He wanted to specialize and become a neurosurgeon. But as the call of God came, he could not pursue that career path. 

During his campus days, he was a member of the Deeper Life Campus Fellowship. He also confirmed this when he had an invitation by Pastor W. F Kumuyi in 2021. In the fellowship, he was trained in the way of righteousness. 

In his university days, Pastor Paul Enenche was a practical and radical Christian. He never feared the odd men on campus because he had the spirit of boldness and was doing radical evangelism. His regular Christian discipline while on campus was bible study, fasting and prayers and evangelism. 

In the aspect of career, Pastor Paul Enenche is a Pastor and a senior pastor of Dunamics International Gospel Church. He is also an author, songwriter, dancer, singer or musician and an instrumentalist (Saxophonist). Many people have been blessed through his songs and ministrations. 


Pastor Paul Enenche family and children

Pastor Paul Enenche is married to Dr (Mrs) Becky Enenche. Her maiden name before marriage was Rebecca Inyangbe. She is a role model to many people in marriage and women ministry. She is a minister of God and also a marriage counsellor. 

The family of Pastor Paul Enenche has become a role model to many Christian families. Pastor Paul Enenche family is blessed with four children. He has one male and three daughters. The name of Pastor Paul Enenche children is Deborah Enenche (singer and lawyer), Daniella, Destiny and Daniel. 

Pastor Paul Enenche and Beck Paul Enenche picture

Pastor Paul Enenche met his wife while at the University. When he wanted to get married, he prayed and fasted to God who could help him find a wife. According to him, he said that God showed him the qualities of a woman she should marry. It was at the end of the waiting on God that he realized that all he needed was in Mrs Becky who was one of the fellowship brethren. 

His father-in-law is also into the medical discipline. Dr Mrs Becky Enenche’s father is a professor in one of the health-related disciplines and he is based his practice in one of the countries outside Africa. Some of the images below are Pastor Paul Enenche family pictures. 

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PASTOR PAUL ENENCHE’S CHURCH – (Dunamics International Gospel Church)

Pastor Paul Enenche biography

Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche is the senior pastor of Dunamics International Gospel Church which has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. According to Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche’s narration, he had three great opportunities when he graduated from the University. 

He had a lucrative job offer from one of the medical organizations in Nigeria, he also had an offer of a scholarship to study abroad in the field of medicine and to relocate with his family to London to step up his medical practices by his in-law and finally, the call of God on his life. His in-law was of good intentions but God must be first in life decisions. 

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All the offers looked appealing and it was easy to miss it in life if he had made the wrong choice. So, he went to God in prayers and He told him to answer His call first. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things will be added to you. 

God also told him that his ministry will be a full-time ministry. He did not reject the heavenly vision. Today, obedience to God’s command has proven him worthy in all aspects. Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche started his first church at Abuja Centre for Arts (Area 10) on 10th November 1996. This was two years after he got married to Mrs Becky. 

the biography of Pastor Paul Enenche



Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche is known for speaking the undiluted word of God. His ministry grew wide and had many transformations in lives. Today, he had built a 100,000 capacity building called Glory Dome which is located in Abuja. Pastor Paul Enenche has a spiritual father which has greatly influenced him in ministry and discipleship. His father in the Lord is Bishop David Oyedepo. Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche has also been richly blessed and impacted by Pastor E. A. Adebayo and Pastor Kenneth Copeland

There are numerous signs, wonders, and miracles that are experienced in Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche’s church. Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche has been graced with some spiritual gifts which came as a result of God’s mercy and spiritual disciplines such as prayer, obedience to God’s word, faith, and commitment to the call of God. 

Some of the spiritual gifts are the word of knowledge, the gift of discernment, the word of wisdom, the gift of faith, the gift of working miraclesand others. The healing gifts are excessively seen in his life and many worst cases of sickness and diseases have been dislodged from people’s lives through his ministry. 

He is passionately into evangelism around different places in Nigeria. Through diverse manifestations of grace seen in his life, many call him Evangelist, Apostle and Pastor. Some things reflect on his evangelistic ministry that suggests that Pastor Paul Enenche received the evangelistic anointing of Pastor Reinhard Bonnke. 

His ministry is now wide and many pastors receive training for kingdom work. Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche has founded a bible training school called Dunamics School of Ministry, Destiny College and Destiny Academy for pastors and leaders. His church has a satellite called Dunamics TV. 

Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche is the author of many books both on marriage and other areas of life. Some of Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche books are: 

  1. Reason for living.
  2. Financial wisdom.
  3. 10 principal secrets of principal people.
  4. Seed of destiny (daily devotional)
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What Is Pastor Paul Enenche Net-Worth

Pastor Paul Enenche marriage

People try to know how rich Pastor Paul Enenche is. Well, Pastor Paul Enenche is wealthy. It is God who has blessed him. In his younger age, there was a time when he could not afford many clothes or wears but now he gives out to communities and people according to the riches that God gave him. Pastor Paul Enenche can be called a philanthropist. Doing COVID 19, he gave Nigeria a huge amount of resources to tackle the insurgence and he has provided countless communities and people with social amenities and life support.  

In life, the true net worth is not evaluated on the amount of money or asset he has rather on the wealth and impact made. Some platforms say that the net worth of Pastor Paul Enenche is 20 million dollars. With all honour and respect, his net worth is more than that considering the impact he has made in life. 

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There are free audio messages of Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche for download. Also, on the list are Pastor Paul Enenche songs. The link below leads to the compiled page of Pastor Paul Enenche messages and they are free. 

Download many audio messages of Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche here.

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