Facts About The Biography Of Pastor Poju Oyemade And Ministry

The biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade

the biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade  

The biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade is amongst the articles of men in ministry that should be paid more kin; this is because, you not just reading to obtain information, in addition, to obtaining what will boast your faith to continue loving Jesus Christ. Christ is the caller of every man and in Him all things find fulfilment. 

God does not lack men whom He will use to manifest His glory on the face of the earth in every generation. There are always men whom God has set aside for kingdom advancement. Pastor Poju Oyemade is one of the top known pastors in Nigeria. His impact in ministry is felt nationwide and within his local environment. 

It is worthy of note to articulate a brief profile of Pastor Poju Oyemade in both ministry and life achievement. Therefore, this article on the biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade did not capture all he has done in the body of Christ. But the little seen here can help you understand this great kingdom functionary. 

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The biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade (Early life, Education, marriage and career)

Pastor Poju Oyemade was born on 8th May 1968. He was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Oyemade. When you x-ray some of the great men of God today, you will discover that their families have one issue in marriage or with faith. Also, some of them had issues with their parents as regards the faith. 

Pastor Poju Oyemade wedding

Amazingly, the parents of Pastor Poju Oyemade were Christians and they showed him the ways of the Lord. No, wonder God called him early in ministry. He had a good upbringing and had the fear of the Lord

Pastor Poju Oyemade is an educated pastor. It is always fun when you check the educational background of some ministers and view the kind of enthusiasm they had while studying there and seeing where they are today. Many of them never saw where God was taking them. His education is a history of another day. 

Stories had it that Pastor Poju Oyemade studied applied physics and electronics and graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He attended International Secondary School in Ibadan. It is seen that he completed his education before answering the call of God in his life. 

Pastor Poju Oyemade wife

Anyone who finds a good wife finds something good and obtain the favour of God. Pastor Poju Oyemade is married to Mrs Oluwatoyin Poju Oyemade. He has a happy and fulfilled family. 

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The biography of Pastor Poju Oyemade (ministry – Covenant Christian Nation)

Pastor Poju Oyemade church

Who is Pastor Poju Oyemade? Pastor Poju Oyemade is the lead pastor of Covenant Christian Nation church. The church is located in Nigeria. How did Pastor Poju Oyemade ministry start? There is always a starting point for everyone in life. Purpose discovery is very expedient when it comes to the right time. Pastor Poju Oyemade is one of those who discovered his purpose in life early. 

The ministry and call of Pastor Poju Oyemade started in his University education. He encountered God while in the university and his ministry was defined. In March 1994, Pastor Poju Oyemade founded his ministry as a covenant Christian centre, which was commissioned by Bishop David Oyedepo. In the year 2020, he changed it to Covenant Christian Nation. 

Pastor Poju Oyemade is a committed kingdom functionary who is passionate about bringing the word of God to this generation. He is a teacher of the word of God and has a genuine call of God. His impact in ministry has been felt by many people across the world. 

In a bid to extend the assignment of the Lord to this generation, Pastor Poju Oyemade runs a television program like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and many are blessed through the program. The name of the television program is known as Insight for Living. Pastor Poju Oyemade television program is broadcasted on Silverbird television and Revelation channels.

He is also passionate to see that righteousness fills all spheres of endeavors. This propels him to conduct seminars in the following areas: business, financial, singles (relationship) and faith. 

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