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BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET Jesse JANFA (Early life, marriage, and career)

Biography of prophet Jesse janf

The ministry of a man has a greater impact on his life. Your gospel can not be greater than your character. People consider location as a means of success in ministry but it is what you put in to live that life gives you back. John the Baptist lived in the desert until the season of his rising. Prophet Elijah of the Old Testament appeared in the scene after a season of hiding. There are different seasons in the life of a man, a new season is not only when the Lord brings you to the light for men to be blessed. 

The article on the biography of Prophet Jesse Janfa contains facts that you need to know. This generation of prophets that God is raising is powerful and pure. The bible says that we should believe in the prophets He has sent us and we shall prosper. Many stories are surrounding Prophet Jesse Janfa to be one of the Major Prophets that God is raising in our generation. 

Prophet Jesse Janfa is one of the men that God has prepared for this generation and the next generation to come. He is a prophet indeed. He gave his life to Christ early in age. His walk with God has been an encouragement to others too. 

Concerning the marriage history of this great prophet, he was born on 20th February. it is to the glory of God that he found her whom the Lord has prepared for him Prophet Jesse Janfa is a happily married man of God. The name of Prophet Jesse Janfa’s wife is Mrs Bridget Jangfa. Because marrying a minister of God gives an automatic qualification to ministry, today, she is a Pastor, giving her current status as Pastor Bridget Jangfa. God has blessed them with three children. The name of Prophet Jesse Jangfa children is Michelle, Joel, and Joshua.

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BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET Jesse JANFA (ministry- Lord of Hosts Harvest Ministries)

Prophet Jesse Janfa biography

To the glory of God, Prophet Jesse Jangfa has a ministry where he attends to the flock of Jesus Christ. Prophet Jesse Jangfa is the founder of Lord of Hosts Harvest Ministries. The ministry is located in Jos, Nigeria. The ministry is a non-denominational ministry. God assign everyone with a mandate, Lord of Hosts Harvest Ministries has been mandated by God with a global revival and harvest, with a vision of advancing God’s kingdom frontiers and preparing the way for the Lord. He is a devoted prophet of the Lord and a passionate evangelist committed to proclaiming Christ and His kingdom.

Through the ministry of Prophet Jesse Jangfa, lives has been touched and blessed. Prophet Jesse Jangfa is grounded in the word of God. He has been disciple by his spiritual father and other hosts of ministers. The spiritual father of Prophet Jesse Jangfa is Apostle Arome Osayi. He is one of the first prophets raised by Apostle Arome Osayi. He disciplined him very well in the area of the prophetic. He has also received mentorship in one way from Apostle Arome Osayi’s friend called Revered Gideon Odoma

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Prophet Jesse Jangfa is committed to fulfilling the vision and call of God upon his life. Through his solid relationship with God, and impartation of the Holy Spirit, his ministerial gifts, and impartation through his father in the Lord, Prophet Jesse Jangfa operates very well in the prophetic. He has been graced with the gift of discernment, word of knowledge and word of wisdom. One thing you need to know is that his relationship with God is solid. 

Prophet Jesse Jangfa has the youth at heart and he is working hard to see the transformation of the youth. Prophet Jesse Jangfa is an itinerant minister and prophet of God, he teaches the word of God in conferences, villages, churches, campuses in Nigeria and other nations too. 


BIOGRAPHY OF PROPHET Jesse JANFA: (Audio messages of Prophet Jesse Janfa)

Prophet Jesse Jangfa messages are available and can be downloaded as listed below. Prophet Jesse Jangfa audio messages have been a blessing to many people across the nation and are still being a blessing. You can click to download the following audio messages of Prophet Jesse Jangfa for free. 


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