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Interesting Facts: The Biography Of Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman And Family


Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman

Dr Lizzy Suleman is one of the women in ministry that have made much impact in the lives of many people, first due to the election of grace, the position she occupies and the person she has built herself into right before this time. Reverend (Dr) Lizzy Suleman generally known as the Dynamic Mother has become a role model to many families in Omega Fire Ministry and other lovers of the Church. 

Women of virtue and substance should be recognized for who they are and what they stand for. This great woman of God has been under many trials with her husband and she is still standing strong, loving God and building more strength in the Lord. The joy of the Lord is her strength and she is a woman with the pure word of the Lord. 

Dr Lizzy Suleman has been able to withstand all these toggles of life because of her faith in God, the conviction from the word of God and conviction of her faith in God. This article was written to enlighten little about this great hidden and precious promise to humanity so that others can learn from her.

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Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman Biography (Early life and Education)

Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman biography

Reverend Dr Lizzy Suleman was born on the 28th of February. Lizzy Johnson Suleman age is not known because the actual year of birth has not been revealed to the public. Reverend Lizzy Johnson Suleman (Dr) was born in Kano, and her parent’s name is Mr. & Mrs Abinya. She is God-loving and passionate for God. This suggests that she was brought up in a godly way and she determined to live for God. 

She is a woman of prayer and worshiper, it was on this platform that her husband saw her and was convinced of who to marry. According to her husband’s testimony, she can keep things saved without loss. This is why he could trust his resources and wealth under her control.

Reverend Lizzy Johnson Suleman (PhD) is a scholar and has acquired many academic certificates from different areas of the discipline. Lizzy Johnson Suleman studied Mass Communication and graduated from Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State. This was her first degree. 

She had a passion for teaching, this propelled her to obtain an award of Teacher’s certification in Grade II in 2006. She completed her Higher National Diploma from Auchi Polytechnic in 2008. She also holds P.E.C. in Public Administration (2010), and Chartered Institute of Local Government & Public Administration of Nigeria (Associate). In 2014, Reverend Lizzy Johnson Suleman was awarded a Doctorate Honorary Degree in religious studies from Bethel University, Benin City.

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Reverend (Dr) Lizzy Suleman marriage and family 

Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman marriage

Dr Lizzy Suleman is the wife of the senior pastor or president of Omega Fire Ministry International. Dr Lizzy Suleman is married to Apostle (Prof) Johnson Suleman in 2004. Apostle Johnson Suleman is a minister of God and he studied Journalism as an undergraduate degree. 

The family is blessed with six children, five females and one male. The names of Dr Lizzy Suleman and Apostle Johnson Suleman’s children are God’s favour Venessa Johnson Suleman (born on June 5, 2005), Divine Johnson Suleman, Love Johnson Suleman, Mirabel Johnson Suleman, Ebenezer Johnson Suleman, and Excel Johnson Suleman. They are growing in the love and knowledge of God. 

Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman

There have been wonderful lessons to be learnt from this marriage. Some people ask this question: how did Apostle Johnson Suleman meet Dr Lizzy Suleman? Apostle Johnson Suleman met her wife when he started ministry early. 

According to him, he became convinced to marry her on the platform of his conviction as regards Christian life and the counsel he had from God. This is because she was of good character, God-fearing, and prayerful. 

Today, this marriage is well spoken of because a man heard God and followed God’s counsel. This union has become a role model to many couples. They are living happily together despite numerous sexual accusations that her husband had faced. This is because it was founded in God, they cared not to be moved by the winds of life and the determination to stay focused despite the odds of life.  

Apostle Johnson Suleman family

Dr Lizzy Suleman ministry and career 

Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman is a preacher, gospel singer, Lecturer, teacher, Christian author, philanthropist, marriage counsellor, Director of Hosanna Conglomerate and Editor and supervisor of Celebration TV. She is a lecturer or amongst the Administrators in Omega Bible Institute, the ministry bible school. 

There are no dulling moments with the Dynamic Mother. She is passionate about rural missions and evangelism. She is passionate about prayer and the study of God’s word. Her rise in ministry is known as New Anointing. 

Lizzy Johnson Suleman holds regular marriage seminars for the singles in their ministry. The meeting is called the Single’s meeting. This meeting is formed to help the single lady on how to be a good wife, equip for a good marriage and all that concerns godly marriage and living. Many ladies have been transformed by the resources of this meeting and it is still a blessing life. 

She is a chief supporter and helpmate to her husband in ministry. She submitted her career to the ministry of her husband. Today, she is an expert in matters regarding marriage and other relationships. 

Reverend Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman

She is passionate about ministry and seeing the transformation of lives. Today, Apostle Johnson Suleman and Lizzy Johnson Suleman (PhD) are amongst the most travelling ministers in the world. Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman has authored many books which include: 

  1. Marine power, vomit my money
  2. Don’t give up
  3. Oh, Lord! Reply them
  4. How to manage the finances of the family
  5. The love of a wife as support to her husband. 


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