The birth of Jesus

Download The Birth Of Jesus And What It Is About By Pastor Paul Enenche

Download Dunamics Chrismas service: The birth of Jesus and what it’s all about by Pastor Paul Enenche

The birth of Jesus Christ is of significance role in Christian faith. The birth of Jesus is the initiation point of the birth of salvation to Man. Jesus is the savior of the world. If jeseu was not born, the reason for our father is gone.

The birth of Jesus

So now, the birth of Jesus took place during the code season which in jewish calendar, marks around the end of the year. Christians came together and choose the day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. One question that keeps coming to my mind is: what was Jesus’birthday not known? I realized that God does not operate with the same calendar with Man. He operate in Seasons on Earth from eternity past, present and future.

The birth of Jesus and what it’s all about by Pastor Paul Enenche mp3

Christmas is celebrated by many people and millions of people around the world. But have you asked yourself what do will celebrate Christmas? Christmas was initiated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth. 25th of December is not the actual date He was given birth to, rather it’s an agreed date by christians to celebrate their savior.

The birth of Jesus Christ is all about salvation for souls, reconciliation of the world to God. Making of peace with God and many More. I know you need to know why Christ was born, click on the link directly below to download on one click.


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