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The Burning Bush Encounter By Apostle Johnson Suleman

The Burning Bush Encounter By Apostle Johnson Suleman is in series and all of the audios messages are available. Apostle Johnson Suleman defined the burning bush is as a place of total submission. It is a place of clarity and precision of purpose for divine alignment. When you encounter God, your mandate or assignment is discovered (Apostle Johnson Suleman).

The passage of consideration was Exodus 3 verses 1-6. This was the encounter Moses had with the Lord in the bush of the Median. The Angel of the Lord appeared before him like a burning bush.  There several experiences around this encounter.

One is about encounter with the Lord. Many are desiring to see the Lord. You must be desirous to know God, if you want to see Him. Moses was desiring when he saw the burning bush. In this message, Apostle Johnson Suleman explained and prayed for Angelic encounters for everyone.

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All Message series: Download the Burning Bush Encounter by Apostle Johnson Suleman


The desire of Moses was to know why the bush was burning and the leaves were not consumed. In this he never knew that it was a point of destiny discovery. There should be a burning desire in you to know why you are sent to this world. Purpose discovery is very important because you have one life to live.

The audio message burning bush encounter by Apostle Johnson Suleman was overwhelming as people were blessed, fail under the influence of the Holy Spirit while the sermon was going on. Later there were prayers and healing.

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