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Download The Coming Of The King Apostle Arome Osayi

    • The coming Of The King Apostle Arome Osayi

  • The coming of the King Apostle Arome Osayi is one the powerful messages of FOG Conference 2020. We hope to have it in 2021.  You need to be present. Many are burdened with coming of the Lord Jesus Christ while some are not and continue in there state of sin.
  • The coming of the King is an alert to waiting hearts and unready heart of the return of our Maker. The Lord is not a president or governor or any government functionary. He is a King. His throne is established far above the heavens. You know the scripture that the heaven of heavens belongs to the Lord and that He sits above the circles of the Earth.
  • The Lord is beyond eternity. He only lowers Himself to interact with the eternal and mortal realms. If you check, when John was taken in revelation to Heaven, He was in heaven and for him to reach the presence of God, he had to taken up more. Meaning that God dwell far above heavens.
  • Have you ever wondered in your heart while the Lord has not come? One day, the coming of the King will be a reality, either in death or by rapture. Every mortal must see his Creator. So this message speaker more on preparing our hearts that Jesus Christ being the judge of the universe will come again. His coming will be in His glorious state. You need to listen to one of his sermons too titled: Revealing The Lord’s glory.

The Coming of the King Apostle Arome Osayi Mp3

Many parables written in the Bible were written to give us hope that one day, something you never expected will happen. They way people doubt in their heart about His coming is still the same way they will wonder in surprise when He appears.

The bible says that all eyes will see Him, just as He is. What more confidence do you need if not to believe and act on your believe to stand. If His return is not ringing in your mind daily, then know that you will soon give up your Faith o Him.

There are many in-depth things to know about this topic. Apostle Arome has revealed many things and the current revelation about His coming. Know those things and prepare yourself. Click on the download bottom to start downloading now.



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