Audio message: Download The Concept of the Kingdom By Apostle Michael Orokpo

Audio message: Download The Concept of the Kingdom of God By Apostle Michael Orokpo


The kingdom of God is established in justices and righteousness. To a new believer, the concept of the kingdom my not be fully grasped. Apostle Michael Orokpo at the conference tagged thy kingdom explained in full details about kingdom of God.

The first concept about the kingdom of our dear God is that it is always within us. It is not something that is far from existence. This means that it a life that resides in our spirit. You need to listen to this sermon below on the topic of the kingdom.

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The Concept of the Kingdom By Apostle Michael Orokpo mp3 download


Through Jesus’s prayer, we understand that the kingdom of God can come. Another aspect on the concept of the kingdom is that mobile. Through prayers, we can facilitate the establishment of God’s will on earth.

Apostle Michael Orokpo explain many things as touching the kingdom. Checking through the parables, are full mysteries of the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God speaks of a lifestyle of righteousness and a home where all saints will be welcomed at the end of time. You can now click the link below to download this audio message.


Download here


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