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Daniel generation did not compromise their faith in service to God and they represented God in all aspects of life despite the persecution they encountered. Daniel was a blameless man who stood for God in his generation. He lasted for 61 years in political leadership because of his relevance to the country of Babylon.

What are the specular things about the generation of Daniel that is worth emulating? Their generation were people of faith, they failed to bow to idols and worship of images, they were a generation was ready to die for the God they served than compromising their faith, they were a generation with potentials and gifts.

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Daniel had an excellent spirit in him which made him exceptional. He had the gif of interpretation of vision and understanding of which God adorned him with. Daniel of Old Testament was a man of prayer who prays three times a day. He was not afraid of the king’s degrees and persevere unto building faith and maintain his intimacy with God.

The audio sermon on the Daniel generation by Apostle Johnson Suleman was powerful. There were healing, prayers, impartation and prophecies by Apostle Johnson Suleman. Click on the download links below to start downloading the audio messages.

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