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Healing anointing is the empowerment or graces that God give to people to manifest His Kingdom here on Earth. Anointing is God’s way of empowering people to doing His purpose on face of the Earth. Grace is a platform where people get anointing. You need anointing for what you need to embark because; having God’s anointing is a seal of approval.

healing service by Pastor Paul Enenche

God has released several anointing from God, this content will not be enough to content all but some generals can be mention as a few: Pastor E A Adebayo, Pastor F E Kumuyi, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Apostle Arome Osayi, Bishop David Oyedepo and Rev Pastor David OgbueliDownload and learn dimensions of Anointing by Apostle Joshua Selma. Pastor Paul Enenche is amongst them too.

What are the forms of Healing anointing?

There are different forms of healing anointing; healing anointing is for healing of sickness and any form of ailment and infirmities. One thing about anointing is that, when you are God graces it to you, the Holy Spirit makes you become fruitful by dealing and teaching you through many processes of the anointing. The anointing on it’s own has the ability to teach you, this is seen from 1 John 1: 27 but you must lean on the control and obedience of the Holy Spirit. The forms of anointing include: you can access the scriptures for more clearance- Luke 14: 18-19, Acts 10:33 and Isaiah 10:27

Gifts of healing

  1. Deliverance anointing: this is manifested in the area of delivering the oppressed and demonic operations. Deliverance anointing is a power ministration anointing. Download phenomenal demonic by Apostle Arome Osayi
  2. Preaching anointing: this comes or used for preaching the word of God. The auction rises in when God wants to make a witness of you to another through the gospel.
  3. Teaching anointing: this form of anointing is use for teaching and establishing of biblical doctrine that will profit the body of Christ.
  4. Healing anointing: this is specifically for healing all forms of sickness and diseases. This anointing is not the same as healing gift. You need to know that, not all who have gift of healing has healing anointing but anyone with healing anointing has a healing gift.

There are many lessons you can learn about the healing anointing and healing gifts. You can download this audio sermon by clicking on the link below.

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