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The moment we are baptized into Christ, we are put on Christ. The knowledge of God is what He desires first for anyone who want to embark on a spiritual journey with Jesus. The first experience and adventure of a believer in Christ is to possess the knowledge of Him who he believes and a capture an experiential knowledge with Him.

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How do we come to know God? The knowledge of God is obtained from the study of the scripture, having an encounter with the personality of God like Prophet Isaiah and stumbling on the light of God through His word.  It was upon the revelation that Peter had with Christ that God was able to build His church with Him.

Your conviction level is increase base on the knowledge you have about God. There are many disadvantages you will have for not knowing God. One of them is that you will be at the mercy of the devil and you will not come to maturity in faith. You will also to be tossed about by every wind of doctrine and finally be destroyed in ignorance because the devil will cut you off from seeing the light of the gospel of Christ.


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Your level of faith is determined by your knowledge about God. Also, the Holy Spirit cannot bring you to a reality in God beyond the knowledge you have about God. That was why Jesus called the disciples that they might be with Him first before sending.

The reason why many people perish today is because, the lack the knowledge of God word and encounter with God. Apostle Michael Orokpo in this message, explained many things about having the knowledge of God. If you want to know God, you must accept Him and establish a personal relationship with Him.

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