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Audio Message: The Lordship of Jesus Christ by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The lordship of Jesus

The Lordship of Jesus Christ cannot be questioned. This is because, He is the maker and savior of creation. The work of salvation He accomplished has not been done ever from eternity to eternity.

Jesus is Lord both in heaven and Earth and all things have been granted to Him by God to be the judge of all. There are many things that wants to share His glory and at the same time they are afraid of His Majesty.


The Lordship of Jesus Christ by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The Lordship of Christ was done when he finished His work on the cross and in Psalm 110, it was seen as God exalted Him. This was manifested as the Apostle received the Holy Spirit. On the pentecost day, Apostle Peter, made us to understand that Jesus who was crucified has been made Lord and savior. This is coronation was followed by the release of the Holy Spirit.

Now Christ has been exalted above principalities and powers and He is seated at the right hand of God the Father where He makes intercession for all the saints.

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