Mystery of sounds

Download The mystery of Sounds by Apostle Michael Orokpo

Download The mystery of Sounds by Apostle Michael Orokpo.

Sounds are weapons of war. It is recorded in the bible that God chased away a city with sounds from heaven. David healed king Saul of demonic possession with flute. Sounds are used to communicate to the spirit. Every sound has significance in the spirit realm.

Satan was a creature of sound and an anointed cherub fashioned with pipes from the day of creation. Satan was the one in charge of sounds and with his pipes; he communicated sounds of worship to God. King David will extol us to praise God on a ten string instrument. The mystery of sounds is beyond imagination.

Sounds are devilish and also can be used as instrument of worship. The mystery of sounds goes beyond the use of music, it has a way of helping you sink in worship to God. Sounds make war, deepen worship and elevate the spirit for better alignment with heaven.  Many people make sounds but they do not understand that the sounds they made were an invitation to demons. Spirit answers to sounds; this is a great mystery.

Apostle Michael Orokpo- what are the mystery of sounds

When the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost, He came by sounds. When Elijah went to meet with God, He showed up in a still voice of sounds. Some voices you hear are sounds that God makes because the voice of God majestic and thunderous. The mystery of sounds should be explored by believers.

What are the mysteries of sounds that people ask? There are things beyond explanation seriously. Sometimes, the sound of a guitar string, during worship strikes a chord in the spirit realm. They are activities that can be used for warfare, sounds are one them. Have you wondered the mystery through which the wall of Jericho failed?

The mystery of sounds by Apostle Michael Orokpo is a great sermon to be explored. Apostle Michael Orokpo are hot and imparting. Click on the download bottom below to download the mystery of sound by Apostle Michael Orokpo.

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