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Download The Mystery Of The Star By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Audio message: The Mystery Of The Star By Apostle Johnson Suleman Download

The mystery of the star

The mystery of the star was the title message of Apostle Johnson Suleman for the last Sunday of month of February, 2022. The Sermon title was captured from the book of Genesis 15:5. The passage illustrated the conservation of Abraham and God.

It was also from that passage the the name of Abraham was changed from Abram to Abraham because God made him the father of many Nations.

The Lord asked him to number the stars and he couldn’t and God had to make a covenant that his children shall be unnumbered as the stars and sand of the seashore.

The Mystery of the Star by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Stars are elements of nature that gives credit to many things from the scriptures. The angels of God as know as the stars such as the devil was known as the son of the morning star.

Stars are also used for war, during the days of Deborah, the elements of nature were used for war. The Bible says that those that hope on God shall shine like the brightness of the sun.

Apostle Johnson Suleman explained many mysteries that surrounded stars. This Audio Sermon the mystery of the star by Apostle Johnson Suleman can be downloaded for free by clicking the download link below.

Download audio here


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