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Audio Message: The Necessity of Divine Direction By Pastor Paul Enenche mp3 Download


Divine direction is a revelation from God over a matter. The bible made us to know that wisdom is profitable to direct. In this service this Sunday, Pastor Paul Enenche spoke on the necessity of divine direction. It was also an anointing service. The bible text was psalm 82:5. The singular objective of the sermon is understand why it is necessary to have divine direction from God.

Why is it necessary to walk in divine counsel or direction? The bible says that we should commit our ways to God and He will establish them. Also, many are the thoughts of a man’s heart but the Lord weighs them. There are many things that if we are left, we will do. Unfortunately, these things might not the will of God.


Sermon: The Necessity Of Divine Direction by Pastor Paul Enenche


There are many necessities for divine direction, and Pastor Paul Enenche in this audio message listed and explained many of them. It is also necessary that you take the following necessities into account:

Walking in divine counsel or direction attracts God’s support. Having God’s will or guidance will make you not to walk in error and darkness. It is necessary to seek for divine direction because, we do not know the way, the outcome of what we are embarking on. When God reveals it, it becomes easy for us to navigate.

There are many things that Pastor Paul Enenche explained. At the end, there were prayers and anointing session. You can now click the link below to start downloading this message by Pastor Paul Enenche.

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