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Download The Necessity Of Soul Winning by Pastor Paul Enenche Mp3

Mp3 Message: Download The NECESSITY OF SOUL WINNING By Pastor Paul Enenche


The necessity of soul winning cannot be over because it is the core responsibility of Christians to reach out to lost souls and bring them to the kingdom of God. The bible declares that he that wins a soul is wise.  Also, there is joy before the Angels of God when one sinner turns to God.

Looking through the happenings, you will realize that there is need to preach the kingdom of God and the righteousness of Christ.  Why is necessary to preach win a soul? It is necessary because Jesus loved all and died for all and He desires that all men should be saved from the sins and hands of satan.


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Download The Necessity Of Soul Winning By Pastor Paul Enenche mp3


Soul winning is the heart beat of God. Christians need to embark on winning souls for God. it should be the joy of any Christian to see that others are won for God, so that they can be saved as well. Pastor Paul Enenche explained many things about the necessity of soul winning. Men are forsaking this mandate, because of distraction.

The audio message on the necessity of soul winning by Pastor Paul Enenche is available for download here. You can click the download link below to start downloading now.


Download here

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