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The Power Of Spiritual Pattern

The power of spiritual pattern by Apostle Joshua Selman is the grand finale message at RUN conference 2022. Apostle Joshua message at RUN conference 2022, was an eye opener to many people across the world.

The power of spiritual pattern is something necessary to confront before it get holds of your future and destiny. Spiritual pattern is a repeated occurrences that is seen in the life of an individual or family. There are many people who do not know that some of the issues they are passing through in the family is of spiritual dimension.

Spiritual patterns are evident, it could in childbirth, and barrenness, poverty and others negative occurrences. Spiritual patterns are powerful to an extent that it can limit someone’s destiny and career.


The Power Of Spiritual Pattern Audio By Apostle Joshua Selman


When you see people rising, there are certain things that they have handled in the secret place. Apostle Joshua Selman in this audio message described the consequences of not handling the limiting alters of your life.

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