Mp3 Message: Download The Principles Of Restoration By Apostle Joshua Selman

Download Apostle Joshua Selman at Wine Press conference 2022- the principles of restoration


The principles of restoration is a mystery that is behind human comprehension. Restoration is possible when one has lost vital ingredients of life over the years. Restoration comes from God and he does it base on His own accord.

The bible says that God will restore the years that worm and caterpillars has eaten. In view of God’s mercy, lost years, health, wealth, life, joy of salvation, Holy Spirit and many virtues of life can be restored to anyone by God. The mystery is what is beyond comprehension.

In this conference, Apostle Joshua Selman explained some certain dimensions of the mystery of restoration. Since the kingdom of God is guided by principles, Apostle Joshua Selman exposed some principle which when applied could move the hand of God toward restoration.


Download The Principles Of Restoration By Apostle Joshua Selman Mp3 Message


Restoration is a reality to all who are in Christ. The main point here is that, you should focus on fulfilling the purposes of the kingdom. Keep loving Christ and worthy of your calling. He who created you will make all that you have lost to be recovered.

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