The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman

Spiritual Formation: Download The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman

[Audio Mp3] The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Joshua Selman

The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman is a good sermon to listen to in order help your Christian life. Apostle Joshua Selman is a man that believes in you need to undergo the process in everything you do. This is actually true. For there to be a revealing glory, there must have been a  dealing of God on you.

Apostle Paul in one of his epistle, told a church, my brethren in whom I travail in prayer, until Christ is formed in formed in you… This scripture shows more on the spiritual formation of Christian. our walk in holiness and to be like Christ is a spiritual formation. why is it so? it is so because we mortal want to imitate the image of immortal. so in 2 Cor 4:18 will say ‘ but we with unveiled faces, beholding in a mirror, the image of God are being transformed from one degree of glory to another.

The power of a process is the energy to spiritual formation. in the process, patience is required. Do you remember the proverb that says, if you fail in the days of adversity, you strength is small, these are people who are impatient to the building process before manifestation. Truly, how well you are able to to build in your process is how strong you will be when your glory is revealed. The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman is eye opener.

God deals with men in the secret place before He reveals them to the public. The reason why God will allow you pass through many things or challenges which can not consume you; is to help you not to compromise HIS NAME. In the book of Jeremiah, He made something clear, that He will pass us through the furnace of affliction… God is Being of process, guided in principles.  God never leaves a man without dealing with him.

The bibles makes use to know in ROMANS… That creations awaits the manifestations of the sons of GOD. We are all created to manifest but what will you manifest if you have not been built. When there is a wrong building process, there will always be a negative impact on your manifestation. this is when the devil will use you to his own biding. The process is not dependent on God for He is always but it is dependent on you because you are the vessel and your humanity needs to be swallowed by immortality.

Today we enjoy the glory and manifestation of God through some few men whom God has dealt with in the secret place. Even when they told us, we carry it on our held but we lack the patience endurance to continue. One way the apostle helped themselves was to continue in the WORD AND PRAYER.

The engine room of the power of the process is anchored on prayer, Bible study, Evangelism and obedience to Gods word. you can as well drop a comment using our comment box on others ways you can get prepared in the process.

The book of proverb declared that it is the glory of God to conceal a matter and it the glory of men or kings to search it out. The revealing of the glory is the product of the secrets that GOD has released to you. Nothings works without the anointing. the anointing the empowering grace to performance.

The Process Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman mp3

Funny enough, we always cry that God should make us HIS battle ark, can you endure the process of the transformation required? The Process  Birthing of Glory by Apostle Selman exposed those secrets to help you understand the full scope of the waiting process and the revealing of God’s glory in you. You will manifest, allow God to prune you in His own way. When he finishes with you, H e will announce you. Do not announce yourself. In due season God will exhort your horn and anoint you will fresh oil., Keep obeying and following His commands. Though it is not easy to wait but have patience.

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