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The rain of revival has been the cry, heart beat and expectation of everyone. Revival comes with the sacrifice of men on the altar of prayer and labor in the field to harvest souls for God. There are many things that bring the rain of revival. One thing with this generation is that, we desire things to happen but we do not work things to happen.

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Pastor Paul Enenche in international ministers flaming fire conference (IMFFC 2021) shared many things that reveals the responsibility of ministers and Christians towards the rain of revival. There has been series of the move of God or revival from different generation till now. The rain of revival that started in the days of Oral Robert and John Scotland is still in effect today.


IMFFC 2021 audio messages: download The Rain of Revival by Dr Pastor Paul Enenche


There are certain things that brings the rain of revival. Do you want revival to come? Are you expecting the rain of revival on Earth? How can rain of revival come? Every move of God came because men give their time to prayer.

The general gave their time in the place of accurate establishment of doctrine and passing them along the next generation. Apostle Joshua Selman once said that it take a generation of neglect to destroy the labour of the fathers.  We need to pray much more and teach the accurate doctrine and allow the Lord that gives increase to bring the rain of revival.

The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Let us all call on God to bring the rain of revival. What are the places that needs the rain of revival? We need the rain of revival in the place of politics, industry, church, arts and entailment, and other sphere of influence.  You can download this message of Dr Pastor Paul Enenche at IMFFC 2021 on the Rain of Revival below.

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