Free Audio: Download the Spirit of Wisdom by Apostle Joshua Selman

Free Audio Sermon: Download The Spirit of Wisdom by Apostle Joshua Selman

Spirit of Wisdom is a dimension of God. According to the Book of Isaiah chapter 11, there are the Spirit of wisdom and understanding , Spirit of counseling and might, and the Spirit of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.  Some people it the types of God’s Spirit while others calls it the dimensions of God’s Spirit.

One thing I am sure is that God has one Spirit which is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the ability of God to manifest in different dimensions or forms so as to suit what the plans of God wants to accomplish in an individual.

Wisdom is profitable to direct and it is the principal thing. The Bible highly recommended us to get wisdom and Understanding. Why should we seek for wisdom?  Wisdom and understanding are tools that will give you stability in times of trouble.

Mp3 Teaching: Download Apostle Joshua Selman message on the Spirit of Wisdom

The wisdom of men perishes but the wisdom of God last and endures. The wisdom of God is expresses the nature of God.  One of the ways of Encounter the wisdom of God is through prayer and Bible study.

Daniel was found with the Spirit of wisdom. Daniel could see visions and interpret hard dreams, read inscriptions from the wall which no one could because the Spirit of wisdom was found in Him. God gives gift to men in order to represent His purposes on Earth.

Apostle Joshua Selman on the Sermon, the Spirit of wisdom exposed many mysteries on the subject matter. You can now click to download the audio file below.

Download audio here (16.5MB)

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