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Christian articles are learning aids or piece of articles of faith that helps you grow your spiritual life. There are short Christian articles that present facts about faith, marriage or any prevailing issue in our Christian walk with God. There are free Christian articles and websites you can get articles to learn about your faith.

There are many types or forms of articles such as inspirational Christian articles, articles for discussion, articles on faith and healing, articles for the youth, articles on marriage, articles on Christian theology and many others.  This page contains one the online Christian free articles on many subject of discussion.

 Christian article on discipleship concept 

Articles on concept of biblical discipleship are rare. There have been also many articles which does not present that right doctrine on discipleship. Discipleship is art of making followers of God, who are willing to seek after the life of Christ to be formed in them, growing unto maturity in Him. The link below is a page that gives you a full detail in the concept of discipleship. It contains the following subtopics: what discipleship is all about, the aims of discipleship, call to discipleship, Principles of discipleship, Cost of discipleship, Goal of discipleship and Importance of discipleship.

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Articles on Christian Leadership and essential leadership management

There are many articles on Christian leadership. Biblical leadership model are principles are the most practiced in several management systems. There are principles that govern the management system for optimum and effective performance. Leadership essentials are learnt and practiced and they are effective when the principles are derived from Christian and biblical perspective. Download John C Maxwell book: 360 degree leadership

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Articles on Christian Marriage

Christian marriage is the most desired of many people today. Generations have past and more are still to come, there has been no replacement to biblical Christian marriage. One lesson I have learnt about marriage is that if as minister of God, you failed in marriage, your ministry will suffer a great loss. Marriage is done as matured and with carefulness not on feeling but by leading of God’s direction.

Free Christian Books

The concept of biblical Christian marriage present it such that we love who we marry not to marry who you love because you can love all men but you cannot marry all men. Marriage in the bible is pictured by Apostle Paul in the book of Ephesians as that of Christ and His church.  The model of Christian model of marriage should be pictured as such as the Christ and the church.

Marriage is beyond feeling but based on understanding and trust. Sometimes, these terms seems casual to the hearing; when you trust God, you can trust your partner. Many people practice the morality of marriage union and fail to incorporate the Christ-like nature in the union. Being a minster of God is not a criterion for beautiful marriage but careful following of God’s direction on life journey.

What is biblical concept of marriage? What is marriage? What are the principles of Christian marriage? This article on marriage will help you.  Get prepared by reading marriage books such as … click on the link below  to learn and read the full article on marriage it’s principles.

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Christian article on Creative bible study

What is creative bible study? What the best articles on bible study lesson? Creative bible study is the systematic way of bible study. it deals on the application of the principles of inductive and manuscript bible study. Creative bible study is one of the best approaches to study the bible and gain better understanding through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual growth is a deliberate effort and there are signs to test spiritual growth. Bible study requires tools and skills. The following are bible study tools: bible commentary, bible, bible dictionary, bible concordance, bible encyclopedia, and bible strong number. The following are bible study skills: observation, interpretation and   application.

There are many things to know in order to grasp the full details of bible meaning. These you can get on the article through which the link below leads you. You can click on the below link to read the full detail and scope of creative bible study and it’s skill.

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Article on steps to Breaking from addiction  (Christian Article for Youths)

Addictions are real. Addictions are immoral behaviors and are sinful. Some addictions are human made while some are personally made. There are certain behavior people exhibits and you keep wondering if what kind of beings they are.  Addiction hinders spiritual growth and other spiritual exercise.

Some addictions includes: alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual immorality, masturbation and so many more. These habits are easily learnt from peers but to break from them requires spiritual forces. One of the reasons it requires spiritual forces is because of the involvement of demons in addiction. The article on steps to break from addiction tells us more on demon involvement on addictions.

Prayer is one the spiritual exercise to break from addictions. Spiritual discipline is required by persons who have received deliverance from addictions. Some of the spiritual disciples includes: fasting, praying, bibles study and Christian services. The link bellows leads to the page that gives the full article on steps to break from addictions.

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Christian articles on effective ways to Overcoming depression

Depressions can be developed from mixed feelings. Depression is an emotional instability of human feeling resulted from environmental challenges or life issues.  Many people suffer from depression around the globe and depression has resulted to suicide.

There are different ways of overcoming depressions; one the ways is communication. Do not stay indoor when you notice of depression coming up, try to relate it to your neighbor. Do not joke with life because it is not a rehearsal program. The article below has some proven steps and methods of overcoming depression at any moment.

Christian Article on Theology of works

Theology of works are theories, doctrines and teaching surrounding the concept of work as God committed to him on earth. The concept of work is a proven factor from the bible. It is biblical to work as a Christian and involve in secular jobs because this is the platform through which we shine as light to the world.

Many people are asking:  is it right for a Christian to engage in politics? Is it right as a pastor to work in secular office or engage in external work? These questions are what the Christian article on theology of work tries to answer.  There are many concepts about the theology of works and the Christian article below on theology of works will give you more.

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