Download Triggers For A Mighty Turnaround By Apostle Johnson Suleman

Audio Sermon: Download Triggers for a Mighty Turnaround by Apostle Johnson Suleman


Trigger for a mighty turnaround by Apostle Johnson Suleman was a topic captured from the book of Job 42: 10-12. It was seen that the Lord turned the captivity of Job away when he prayed for his friends. There is always something that causes things to happen. Things on their own do not just happened.

This year theme is on mighty turnaround and there are things that trigger turnaround if you want to experience it. God is behind every moves of His but humans are responsible for outcomes of the move. In the previous Sunday sermon, it was understood that, provoking  the supernatural for mighty turnaround could come when we take responsibility, believe in our prophets and other things listed.


Triggers for a Mighty Turnaround by Apostle Johnson Suleman


One of the things we see from the passage that triggers mighty turnaround is obedience. The blessing of the Lord comes much when we obey God. Things can start turning around your life when you are a person of obedience. There are many turnarounds that we cannot have in our life until we start obeying the laws of God.

Apostle Johnson Suleman explained a lot of things that can bring about mighty turnaround in the life of a believer. There were prayers, healing and prophetic session. You can now click to download the message below.

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Download part 2 A (19mb)

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