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True riches the substance of life inherited not by wealth or enough money accumulation or success but by the relevant impact invested on others. Many define the compositions of life base on their worldview or life perspective. Some define base on life circumstances and experience that they have pass through in life. True wealth is not property accumulation but has a lot to do with life investment on others.

Jesus specking in one of the passage of the scriptures says, if you faulted in handling the wealth of people, the responsibilities that were placed on you, “ who will commit to the true riches”. So from Jesus’ statement, true riches is a sum total of life, wealth and investment that is given to you to handle or keep and safeguard.

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True riches by Apostle Joshua Selman is a powerful mystery exposure to us on how we should live,  to create and handle wealth.  A man is truly rich when he has invested on the life of people and they live an independent life. What do I mean? Do you remember David and the people hopeless people that met him at the cave of adullam, he trained in such a way that they remain indebted to him.

We live in world that defines success as financial breakthrough, from scriptural context this is not true, Apostle Joshua Selman explained many things that show or characterize a man who is truly rich. True riches spoken by Apostle Joshua Selman indicate that it comes from God. He gives it to men to build capacity and as kingdom extension service.

When God gives you wealth, He expects you handle and keep it, utilize the resources as a mode to push the kingdom because the manifestation of the kingdom is the sum duty of man to align, so that God can do more things to happen.

There are things not lawful for me to say until you witness yourself. Also, you need to know this that Jesus is looking for people He can commit true riches to, are you ready. You can click on Apostle Joshua Selman message- true riches have much exposure, you can click on the links below to start downloading now.

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