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Unity of faith by Apostle Michael Orokpo mp3 is a conference sermon and I recommend all Christian to listen to this audio. Unity of faith was one the prayers that Jesus Christ prayed for the disciples in John 17. Unity of faith is the coming together or in agreement of believers to one belief from diverse angles or views they have in God. Unity of our belief or faith is one the high points of Christian maturity in the body of Christ. In the context of Christian fold, unity of faith is being one just as Jesus Christ and His father are one (John 17: 20). The combination of believer’s faith in Christ makes the body of Christ. Read about the richest pastors in the world and Nigeria.


The church is a unit and made up of many parts or members. Christian are the members of body of Christ. One of the ways to achieve Unity of faith is by bond of peace amongst believers and with the Holy Spirit with whom we are all baptized into and to drink of Him. The reason for Unity of faith is recorded in 1corithains 12.25, which is to see that there is no division in the body. This is because if there be division, every part of the body of Christ will suffer loss which is unto the kingdom of God.  Check out the largest church building in the world here

When we understand the Unity of faith, then we will appreciate the reason why God gave the fivefold ministry (Apostle, Prophets, Teachers, workers of miracle and Evangelist). The fivefold ministry is to mature believers in Christ and it requires the contribution of each ministry.


Download Audio sermon on Unity of faith by Apostle Michael Orokpo

The church of Christ or God is a living organism. Living organism in the sense that, we are interdependent on each other’s grace for the maturing of the saints. The challenge of present day Christianity is the area of recognition and acceptance of another person’s faith or view; though the scripture is our guide.  What the devil does is by planting discord in the body so that they will be against each other. This is why you see Christian fighting each other on pulpit. Errors must be and must be addressed from the view of the scriptures.

Part of the reasons why Christ is tarrying is because of the Unity of faith; His bride or body is divided against each other.  Apostle Michael Orokpo message on Unity of faith was great and have many insight on the matters of faith. This audio sermon on Unity of faith by Apostle Michael Orokpo provided many lessons for believers to mature in Christ.


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