[Free Audio] Download Visions from the Altar by Apostle Gideon Udoma

[Download Mp3 Audio] Visions from the Altar by Apostle Gideon Udoma

Visions from the Altar by Apostle Gideon Udoma, the pioneer of fortress ministry happens to be a teaching that opens you up to understanding the visions of God. Download how to plan your life vision by Dr Myles Munroe. it is one thing to receive vision, it is another work to understanding, planning it and carrying it out, especially when it is revealed by God.

And I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh… young men will see visions; visions are revelations from God about a particular mystery or matter which requires an immediate attention. As one who serves in the altar of God, He reveals things that ordinarily you do not know or understand about.

As your altar of prayer and the study of the Word is on fire, there are many revelations that God gives in order to know Him, understand about Him, to do His work and many other things. When it is revealed, you need to write it and make it plain so that anyone who sees it may run with it too.

There are many Visions from the Altar.  Apostle Gideon Udoma has taught on many things which cannot be captured here, you need to download and listen to it first. You can now click to download this powerful audio sermon using the link below. File size is 27mb.


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