Download Vital Signs That Shows Spiritual Retrogression By Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman Message On Vital Signs That Shows Spiritual Retrogression

Signs that shows spiritual retrogression

Signs of retrogression are evident and this happens when a Believer dines and forsakes some core disciplines and beliefs of Christianity. This vital signs that shows retrogression by Apostle Joshua Selman was a ministration at Annual kingdom life submit by New Estate Baptist Church, Lagos state, Nigeria.

This conference is an annual submit which is being organized for the edification of the saint. There are many people who do not see the need to grow their spiritual life. This kind of people will face retrogression when the wind of life blow them.

Retrogression is set back or limitation that draws one back. It could be in many forms such as Christian life, financial wise, career wise, marriage and other areas of life. One thing you need to know that retrogression is not a good thing.


Audio mp3: Download Vital Signs That Shows Spiritual Retrogression by Apostle Joshua Selman


Now when, retrogression set in, there are certain signs that reveals it’s appearance. The challenges is the people neglect these signs. The more negligence believers are to these signs, the more retrograde they become.

In this audio message on the vital signs of retrogression by Apostle Joshua Selman, it was explained clearly on the obvious signs that shows your backwardness in Christ and all life round. Click below to download the audio.


Download here




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