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Audio Sermon: Download Walking In The Supernatural By Prophet Jesse Janfa

Walking In The supernatural

Walking in the supernatural is a possibility. The supernatural is anything beyond the natural realm of existence. The supernatural is more real to Believers than the real world.

According to Apostle Johnson Suleman, walking in the supernatural is the natural life of an Believer in Christ. When Believers walk with God, then walking in the supernatural becomes a daily life experience.

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These are different dimensions to walking in the . Prophet Jesse Janfa in the audio sermon, explained things pertaining to the Supernatural realm and how Believers can walk in it.

Walking in the supernatural by Prophet Jesse Janfa Mp3

Do you want to see the supernatural happen in your life? Walking with the Holy Spirit and obedience to God’s word is the easiest way to the Supernatural. Having a consistent prayer life is another way to walk in the supernatural. In the realm of the supernatural, everything is possible such as power, healing, glory, and the rest.

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