Learn This: What Does The Bible Say About being Born Again

What does the Bible say about being born again?

The position of the scripture on the subject of being born again is explicitly clear but somehow not understood by many people. What bible says about being born again is that unless anyone be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Now on the aspect of the kingdom of God, the scriptures views it in two forms; firstly, when you hear the kingdom of God, what comes to your mind? The kingdom of God speaks of lifestyle and a place.  Please do not get confused, the explanation of the previous statement will be made vivid later.

There are certain scenarios that Jesus illustrated to explain His teaching, such is called the parable, meanwhile, before His coming anyone who knows much about the kingdom of God John. Abraham understood it also. The parable of sower in Mark 4:13-20, 26-29, and parable of the mustard seed in Mark 4: 30-32 & Luke 13: 18-19, explains the meaning of the kingdom of God as a lifestyle here on Earth.

Furthermore, Jesus gave a counsel to a group of people that the kingdom of God does not come by mere observation (physical or a place that is descending from above) rather the kingdom of God is within us (Luke 17: 20-21). The kingdom of God is manifested when we exercise dominion over unclean spirits (Mathew 12: 28 and Luke 11: 20). Therefore, the kingdom of God as a lifestyle means that God (King) is influencing the lives of men through His servants on Earth (domain).

Another aspect of the of the kingdom of God as a place as revealed in the Bible is found in Hebrews 11: 9-10, John 14, Luke 14: 15-16, 17-24. According to these passages, Jesus goes to prepare a place for us where He will come and take those who believed in Him.  Abraham also, looked for a kingdom that was not built by men but God as he encountered God and decided to follow Him. The Kingdom of God as place speaks of where God is or dwells in the heavenly.

Luke 16:16 shows us of the how John the Baptist introduced the kingdom of God and how men are pressing on to know it. Also, his preaching in the desert revealed the make-up of the message of the kingdom of God which is anchored on repentance, born again, fruitfulness and Godly living (John 13: 6-20).

Generally, the Bible says about being born again is that, you will not live the life of God here on Earth or see the kingdom of God (enter the kingdom of heaven) if you are not born again.

How does the Bible describe being born again? (Hebrew meaning of born again)


According to Luke 3: 5-8, the Bible describes born again as a spiritual birth. Jesus’ statement to Nicodemus is that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.  The Greek meaning of born again is ‘born anew’ or ‘born from above’.

1 Peter 1: 23 explains or gives a perspective of the description of born again.  1 Peter 1: 23 describes born again as being born a new being from an incorruptible seed. Therefore, born again is being given birth to spiritually into the reality if Christ.

This is more like a spiritual process than physical. In a nut shell, the bible describes born again as a birth into a new life which has it source from Christ so that you can partake of the spiritual blessing of God through Christ Jesus.


What are the steps to being born again (how to become born again?)


1 Peter 1: 23 describes the word of God (gospel) as an incorruptible seed which is sown into the heart of man for him to be born again. The word of God is the seed that Holy Spirit sows in your heart to sanctify you and to bring a new life in you. The word or seed will germinant (the seed is incorruptible which Christ is). The word of God you hear bring you faith to believe in Christ (remember faith comes by hear, hearing of the word of God).

The below are the steps to being born again:

  1. Hearing of the word of God.
  2. The Holy Spirit will convict you of sin and guilty (John 16: 8-11).
  3. You will have faith in Christ and believe in His love, death and resurrection.
  4. Then you confess your sins and accept Him (John 3: 14-16, 14:6 and Romans 10: 8-11). This is usually called the sinner’s prayer.
  5. At this point you are a born again. You see it is simple (though it is hard to make the decision because of the next things that follows which is to forsake your old way and pursue the life of Christ (righteousness)– John 3: 7-14).
  6. Then baptism of the Holy Spirit and water baptism (Acts 19: 1-10). Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ is not of Him.

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