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Learn About Wheaton University Ranking, Tuition Fees And Admission Application

Wheaton University

Wheaton University is amongst the top evangelical institution that trains and equips Christians for ministry. Wheaton University was established in 1860 in United States of America by Wesleyan Methodists. They are highly influential due to their trans-generational impact resulting from quality teaching in evangelical Christianity. This university is set to train student for “Christ and His kingdom” which is their motto.

Wheaton University is evangelical in nature. Evangelical means bible base, meaning that they give bible base teaching. They are affiliated to many recognized Christina institutions such as council for Christian universities, consortium of Liberal Arts College and Christian college consortium.  Wheaton College offer both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theology.  Over the years, Wheaton College has graduated thousands of graduate and undergraduate students in theology.

Wheaton university logo

Why should I apply and study at Wheaton University

Are you contemplating on why you should apply for Wheaton university admission?  There are wide benefits for you being a student of Wheaton College.

  1. Wheaton University is top Christian colleges recognized nationwide according to national liberal arts and world reports as Christ-based worldview.
  2. They have qualify teaches and teaches you biblical standard for Christian ministry.
  3. They have stood the test of time and have graduated top men of God who have touched the world with the gospel such as Billy Graham.
  4. Wheaton University are vast in research and also top ranking in Christian research in arts and otherwise.
  5. You also, stand chance to gain scholarships and financial aids that will ease your challenge in studies.

Wheaton University ranking

There is a little confusion most people have when it comes to ranking. Wheaton College is different from Wheaton University Massachusetts. I have stated early that Wheaton college has been accredited and recognize by many national and international; organization.

In world university ranking system, Wheaton University is ranked high. Wheaton university ranking in 2021 and 2022 is as follows: 386 by American campuses review, U.S News and world reports ranked it 56 out of 265 and finally, it was ranked 75 out of 650 undergraduate college in 2014.


Wheaton University acceptance rate

Sometimes, applicants are worried about the acceptance rate of international institutions. This is because they are afraid to waste their money. The truth of the matter is that, if the institution rejected your application is also another around of opportunity to find new grounds to doing something worthwhile.

One things about this about this institution is that she does not discriminate base on cultural tires. They are true to giving you what you merited. Are you afraid that when you apply to Wheaton University, they will reject you? Fear not, Wheaton university rate is 75%. Meaning that out of several applicants, you stance to be admitted.


Wheaton University tuition fees for theology courses and admission application requirements

When it comes to school fees matters, students tend to be conservative. It is good but economy also help decide on the tuition fees of higher institutions of learning. Considering the information I got, it is cheap to attend both online and offline education at Wheaton college. Wheaton College pay an average amount of 30 thousand dollars annually.

The admission requirement for graduate and undergraduate program is not complex. They require the following document for international students:

There is nothing to worry about when it comes to applying for admission. The first step to the application is with a valid email address. You create an account on the school portal. Do you want to start now to register?



Wheaton University scholarship programs and financial aids


There are several financial aids program you could get from Wheaton University. I am glad to let you know that Wheaton college scholarship is for both international and local students.  These financial aids are funded by them for academic achievement.

Academic scholarship:  Wheaton University funds its student with scholarship based on their academic performance. Wheaton university scholarship for student worth up to 40 thousand dollars and it is renewed annually. There are also forms of student scholarship that exits within the student body that is based on academic excellence.

Need base aid: you get this aid base on your financial need. This grant is free and does not require you to pay back.

Loans: they also offer federal loans with low interest rate to students.

Multicultural scholarships: they are committed to giving scholarship to student irrespective of your cultural background. This scholarship is based on your ability to lead, healthy living commitment and other diverse activities in the university community.


Wheaton University Alumni

Wheaton theological school has graduated many prominent and capacity building personalities. Checking the list you will realize that many of them were great evangelist who shook the generation with the gospel of Christ. Some of them stood for Christ in politics while others in aspect sphere of world influence.  The list below are some notable alumni of great Wheaton University Theological School.

Billy Graham, William Lane Craig, Wesley Earl Craven, Robert W.Lane, Zac Niringiye, John Piper, Robert Van Kampen, Philip James, Wes Craven, Dennis Hastert, Dan Coats, Rob Bell, Ruth Graham, Gary Chapman, John Wesley Powell, David Young, Paul B. Henry, Robert Holmes Bell and other prominent men.


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